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What is Alignment Coaching All About?

There is absolutely ZERO doubt in my mind that we were all put here for a purpose. This purpose starts to creep up on us in the form of a desire or dream that will not go away.

You know, those things that keep nagging at us -- the things we put off because we're afraid, we don't have time, or (insert other excuse). Those things are things that we are meant to chase.

It's as if they were divinely programmed into our DNA and so many of us spend life so unhappy because we are continually trying to fight our own programming.

We allow ourselves to get out of alignment with the things we want the most in life by getting hung up on things like jobs, status, and stuff. 

In fact, the majority of people never actually reach their full life's potential or live at that level of PURPOSE because of all these distractions.

Enter me. (She says in parenthesis.) -- PS If you know what musical I'm quoting, we can totally be BFF's.


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What does a coaching session look like?

My goal for all of my coaching sessions is to make it feel more like coffee with an old friend.

While I love devouring books and trainings that cover everything from spirituality to practical psychology, I don't ever want to be mistaken for someone who believes they have the answer to all of your problems.

There is no one-size fits all solution for everyone. The purpose of my coaching sessions is to help you uncover what is going to work for you.

Your Coaching Options

90 Minute Intensive

Feel like you just need some quality one on one time to get you kick-started on the right path? With a 90 Minute Intensive you will leave with new tools to apply to your life so that you can continue a healthy, successful journey of self growth.


One on One Coaching

If you know you are readier than ever to knock-out limiting beliefs, improve your quality of life, up-level your relationships, and start living a life of purpose and passion, you can start with one on one coaching packages starting at 3 months commitments.


How do I know if coaching is right for me?

So many people hover around the idea of hiring a coach or a mentor. The reason is, it's a scary step! It's nerve-wracking to do things that are out of our comfort zone.

My guess is that that is exactly why you are here! You are so ready to leave your comfort zone.

You want to make the leap but the fear is crippling sometimes.

PS That's totally natural. If living your purpose was easy and required nothing from you, everyone would be doing it!

 Here are the biggest tell-tale signs that you need a coach:

  • You just really want a freaking coach! One of the biggest signs we will ever get in our life is that gut instinct that tells us to take the leap. Our heads try to keep us safe, but our hearts and belly know we are capable of more.

  • You are already doing the work. You've already started devouring self-help books, listening to podcasts, and you want to take the next step so bad you can taste it! You just need someone to help you apply it all!

  • You need accountability. You've tried relying on friends and family but no one really gets your dream. They don't understand this pursuit of purpose. You're showing up as best you can, but you know you need a little more motivation and guidance.

Your brain will try to rationalize why you shouldn't make this leap. Our brains want to keep us safe and avoid risk, but like Tony Robbins says, "The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with."

Ready to get uncomfortable?

If your gut is speaking to you and you are ready to quit playing it below and let's do this thang!

Let's Do This!

Alright! I'm in!

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