Ever wake up and just groan at the idea of having to start another day?

The alarm goes off, you get up, stand in your closet with your shoulders slumped as you scan the same boring blend of clothes and in your head you're screaming, "I just want to go back to bed!!!"

Then maybe, just maybe you even play out different scenarios in your head about how you could avoid the fate that is the rest of your day.

"Maybe someone can cover my shift?"

"Can I hire someone else to do my laundry?"

"If I ran away to Hawaii, how long would it take before people noticed I was gone?"

You spend your downtime scrolling social media or browsing Amazon and for a while you feel a little better but ultimately, you kind of just feel...stuck.

You're tired of the same old boring chit chat.

Even your old hobbies, Netflix shows or even friends seem uninteresting to you.

You want to get back some happiness in your life, but you don't even know where to begin. You just know you don't want to stay here.

If this sounds familiar, I have some good news for you!

You are smack-dab in the middle of an awakening!


What is a spiritual awakening?

We all come here with a spirit, a soul, a life force that allows us to think, breathe, love, create...and at some point in life, most of us disconnect from it.

When we are kids we are born connected. We are plugged in!

Then parents expectations, societies "rules" for us and our many lived experiences start to make us question, doubt and even deny our spirit.

Signs of a spiritual awakening:

  • Zoning out or detaching from things that used to bring you joy
  • A shift in relationships
  • Questioning your life or decisions
  • Growing tired of old habits, people, experiences or conversations
  • Feeling uniquely different from your surroundings

While spiritual awakenings usually happen after a major life-changing event like the death of a loved one, loss of a job, end of a relationship or something like, I don't know...a global pandemic? They can happen at any time.

So...what does this mean?

Even though they can feel draining, lonely and just plain no fun, this is a way for your spirit to let you know that you are ready to level up.

You are ready to make some major soul shifts toward higher living and a bigger purpose.

If you are discontent where you are, that is a sure sign that you are being called toward more.

I know it doesn't feel this way, but if you can begin to see these emotional times as a sign from the universe rather than a set back, you have the potential to truly transform your life in a big, impactful way.

And having a coach to guide, support and encourage you can make the transition so much more freeing.

Apply for Coaching

Hey there, I'm Renee

Wife, mom, human. I'm not a big fan of labels, to be honest...

As someone who is no stranger to people-pleasing and blending in to meet other people's needs, trust me when I say I know how difficult it can be to crack the code to discover who we really are beneath all the layers we have gathered.

My own transformation started in 2014 and has been the biggest blessing to myself, my marriage, my kids, and the lives that we all lead.

You see, when you decide to step more and more into your true self, your highest self, your greatest potential, you cannot help but have an impact on the people around you.

Allowing yourself to be guided by your own intuition/spirit will ripple over into all areas of your life. The more you allow yourself to recognize and be lead by this highest version of yourself, the more freeing life becomes.

So how does coaching work exactly?

My coaching programs are designed to meet you exactly where you are at. I was never someone who believed there is a "one size fits all" approach to human beings which is why I don't follow a strict "Fool-Proof Plan to Human Optimization"

Coaching will:

Help you gain clarity and insight into who you are and how you were made to show up

Enlighten you to the ways of intuitive living

Help you create ease and flow in your day to day life

Give you the power and tools to conquer your mindset blocks and overcome limiting beliefs

Leave you with knowledge that you can continue to benefit from every single day.

Empower you to step fully into your highest self with confidence and purpose

90 Minute Intensives

When you book a 90-minute coaching intensive, think of it as a power-session over coffee with your BFF.

We will cut the small talk and dive right into the good stuff.

You will be amazed at what can be accomplished in such a small period of time.

By the end of 90 minutes, you will have a step-by-step game plan for how to conquer and overcome any current obstacles you're facing, you'll receive follow-up coaching notes from me and a discount on future coaching sessions!


One on One Coaching

If you are so done dabbling around, feeling stuck, and trying to figure things out for yourself and you are committed to long-term success, then working together one on one is where you want to be.

With one on one coaching you'll get:

3-month + coaching commitment

90-minute bi-weekly coaching sessions

24/5 text access so you are always feeling supported

Lifetime access to The Coaching Kit

Enrollment to any group coaching session within 12 months

*Because one on one coaching is truly a transformative experience, it is a 4-figure investment. You have got to be totally prepared to go all-in!*

Are you ready to...

Connect with your highest self

Gain true freedom in self-expression

Expand your confidence, clarity, and creativity

Live a life with more purpose, fulfillment, and meaning

If this totally sounds like the kind of changes you want to make, then click below to apply for one on one life coaching and I will contact you within 48 hours!


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