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Let's be honest...there is an overload of information out there that is designed to teach you:

  • Who to be
  • How to show up
  • What you need to be successful

But the truth is, too much information can be crazy overwhelming and no one's strategy for success works the same way for someone else.

That's why I design my trainings, programs, and mentorships in such a way that helps you get in touch with your intuition so that you can uncover what path is going to work best for YOU!

By combining the most advanced psychology-backed techniques, ancient spiritual beliefs, and minimalist mindset strategies, I work to bring mind, body, and soul to every aspect of my life and to all of my teachings.

I'm so glad you're here.

Interested in a mentorship?

I have officially opened my limited space mentorship program to anyone who wants to work long-term with me one on one.

If you are hoping to gain peace, clarity, and guidance while shifting your mindset and aligning with your higher self but know that you need someone who has been down a similar path to guide and encourage you, then I would love to be that for you.

My mentorship program starts with 6 month commitments and I only work with 3 clients at a time to ensure I am able to give my best energy and care to each session.

You can apply below to be considered for the mentorship program. If you are approved, you will receive an email to officially book an interview time with me! Don't stress, just bring your authentic self, a cup of coffee and together we'll talk through your goals, what the mentorship program commitment looks like as well as pricing.

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