How to 10x Your Savings

The struggle is real.


If you are anything like me, you probably grew up hearing how important it is to save money, but were never really taught how to do it.

I used to transfer money to savings every month, but would end up transferring it back when our checking account would get low.

I mean, how are you suppose to save money when you need, yesterday!?

Here's a quick guide on how I learned to get paid to save money using the Saving Connect high-yield savings account.¬†ūüĎáūüŹĹ


*Savings Connect is an affiliate I share because I 100% stand behind the benefits of it. I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Start Small

The truth is the key to saving money isn't as big of a financial feat as people think it is.

Saving money can be as simple as paying a bill (except you're paying yourself).

How to find money to save:

  1. Evaluate your monthly spending
  2. Eliminate 1-5 monthly bills (think subscription service, gym membership etc.)
  3. Set smaller financial goals (instead of spending $500 on groceries, aim to spend $450)
  4. Transfer your newly freed up funds to a high-yield savings like Savings Connect


The biggest question that people get hung up on is, "How much money should I save?"

The simple answer is that saving anything is better than saving nothing.

Small savings goals:

  • $20 per month = $2,400¬†in 10 years
  • $20 per week¬†=¬†$12,000¬†in 10 years
  • $20 per day¬†= $72,000¬†in 10 years

BUT... what most people don't know is that the kind of savings account you use makes a huge difference.

Savings goals w/ Saving Connect:

  • $20 per month¬†=¬†$2,400¬†$3,250 in 10 years
  • $20 per week¬†=¬†$12,000¬†$15,599¬†in 10 years
  • $20 per day¬†=¬†$72,000¬†$92,780 in 10 years!

Set a Goal

Automate Savings

Get paid to Save

How does Savings Connect work?

Thankfully, saving money these days doesn't take as much willpower as it did for our grandparents. 

No more scrimping, saving, and stuffing hard-earned money into a mattress.

How to up-level your savings with Saving Connect:

  1. Open your account. Having an account separate from your bank helps prevent quick transfers so you're sure to save more!
  2. Automate your payments. Setting aside $100 every month earns you almost 5% interest on the money you save!
  3. Earn money. With the Savings Connect you'll get paid to save money (11x the national average.)

If you struggle to save and are afraid to invest, Saving Connect is a great place to get started!

How Do I Start with Savings Connect?

Save easier. Save more.


So you can start getting paid to save today!

  • Click the link below and¬†deposit $100 or more.
  • Set up $100 monthly deposits
  • Get paid¬†11x the national average in interest
  • Watch your money grow¬†

Remember, $100 per month will be almost $16,000 in 10 years, $4,000 of which is FREE MONEY!

I know, saving can be scary, but starting with just $20 per week can be an amazing way to up-level your mindset, create a secure future for yourself, and help you create wealth for yourself and your family.