Do you ever feel like:

  • You have no clue what you're doing with your life
  • That negative self talk in your head just won't quit
  • Every time you try to "upgrade" your life, you become paralyzed by fear
  • You constantly worry about what other people are thinking of you
  • You compare other people's life and success to your own
  • Everyone else has a purpose or direction and you have no clue what yours is
  • Your fear of failure stops you every time you try to achieve something

First of all, you are not alone! It's estimated that nearly 70% of people struggle with Imposter Syndrome -- that false belief that tells us we don't belong.

Whether you are talking in a new group of friends, applying for a promotion, wanting to start your own business, or just standing in a crowd, Imposter Syndrome can pop up just about anywhere.

When we become so concerned about fitting in or saying the perfect thing, we instantly take ourselves out of the moment. We become tuned-in with other people's thoughts and feelings and get out of touch with our own.

This makes it nearly impossible for us to ever actually conquer that voice in our head that tells us we don't fit in.

The good news is that there are actually so many simple solutions to these massive problems! It's just that most people don't even know about them.

If you are saying, "OMG YES, this is me!!" Keep reading!


Hey there, I'm Renee!

About 6 years ago I was running my own successful photography business. Even so, I constantly battled with fears of self doubt and not being good enough. I believed that everyone was smarter, more qualified and more worthy than I was.

After closing my photography business, I let those fears lead me to believe I was only worthy of small, part time jobs. I couldn't handle my own business, who was I kidding?

Then in 2017 I started my own blog (something hands off and less pressure).

I have since turned the blog into a passive income stream that I don't even have to work on if I don't want to and have started my own successful coaching business helping other people recognize their purpose and live up to their full potential.

I am no stranger to Imposter Syndrome, but I have definitely figured out how to conquer it.

Let me help you do the same!



How to beat your self doubt once and for all!

During this one hour training we will dive into the best psychology hacks and science backed methods for building your confidence. I will help you break down your specific formula for goal-setting success and help you understand the crazy patterns of self sabatoge that we all cling to so you can outsmart them for good.

Body Language

How to use your body to trick your brain into achieving more, worrying less, and growing more confident. 

Goal Digging

What you are doing wrong when it comes to setting goals, speaking affirmations, and manifestation.

Settle No More

Why we constantly settle for less than we are capable and worthy of and how to beat the patterns of self-sabatoge.

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