How to break your shopping addiction and get money back through more purposeful living.



Have you ever wanted to do better with money, but then find yourself...

  • Planning your purchases before you get paid
  • Thinking you need ONE MORE THING to be happy
  • Impulse buying in a blur only to feel guilty later

Believe me, I get it...

It can feel like a bottomless shame pit, but trust me, there is a way out!




Let's try this...

What if instead of always chasing the next sale you could design a life that:

  • Allowed you freedom and flexibility to travel & have more experiences
  • Beefed up your bank account without a frigid budget plan
  • Still allows you to buy stuff that enhances you and your lifestyle

If there was a door that you could open that would make all of this possible, would. you totally want in?

Cuz, I kinda built that door...


 Tell me about it...

Shopping Rehab! 

Shopping Rehab is a mini course that will help you shake free from old spending habits, and get empowered to go after what you really want.

Here's the plan:

  • Claim it: No more fake it til you make it, instead I'll teach you how to actually live the life you envision! No more holding back!
  • High vibe: Learn the tiny shifts to make that can eliminate impulse buys for good!
  • Treat Yourself: Gain clarity on what it takes to build wealth & do what you want without major sacrifice.

If you are sick of feeling broke.


You're so done chasing happiness with stuff.

Then Shopping Rehab was made for you!