The Shopaholic Solution

Break away from mindless spending and start creating the abundance that you crave

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Sound familiar?

  • You plan your next spending spree before you even get paid.
  • You get a little "trigger happy" with your credit card.
  • If you have cash, you spend it!
  • Sometimes you make purchases and almost instantly feel shame/regret.
  • You've had to turn down awesome opportunities because you're "broke."
  • You keep telling yourself that you'll do better next month but you always end up giving in.

Shopping addiction red flags

Just like any other addiction, shopping addiction carries the same setbacks and red flags, we've just been conditioned to make light of them.

  • You lie to your partner about your spending habits
  • You conspire with the Amazon delivery person to conceal your habit
  • You tell yourself, "Just one more time/thing..." 
  • You feel happy for a second but it is always short lived

The hard truth is just like any other addiction can ruin your finances and your relationships, so can a spending addiction.

Time to take back your life!

In The Shopaholic Solution training we'll dive into different things to help you better understand how you are being marketed to, how the stores are feeding your spending obsession and how to outsmart them (and your own brain) for good!

Hack the System

You are constantly being duped and sucked into shopping more. We'll uncover 5 ways you can start understanding how you are being played to and manipulated by marketing techniques.

Finding Balance

Spending shouldn't cause stress. Because you are still going to want to buy "stuff" in your life, we'll work through healthy ways to create balance with spending without going broke!


Impulse shopping is like using a Band Aid for a wound that requires a full-blown transfusion. So we're going to get real and talk about what you are NOT getting every time you give in to spending.

New game plan:

Live life without mental breakdowns, shame-spirals and spending guilt

Take full advantage of amazing opportunities

Quit playing small with your life

Get more clarity on who you are, what you want and what you are capable of!

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