How to find yourself and your purpose when the world keeps telling you who to be and what to do.



"Hey there, I am the only person walking this earth without a purpose! Nice to meet you!"

Ever feel this way? Seriously?

You scroll social media, read other people's success stories, and meet people everywhere who just seem to have it all figured out.

You might even attempt to be happy for them but deep down you wonder why the crap everyone seems to be doing better than you.

Then you take a moment to calculate your age and the things you've actually accomplished and your feelings of failure are confirmed.

Maybe you're focusing on something like:

  • You're still single (or single again)
  • Everyone else has a kid and you are childless still
  • Your children moved out and only call to ask how to pre-heat the oven
  • You make decent money, but your job just feels dull, boring and repetitive
  • You used to be this free spirit. You used to have plans and now they seem impossible.

Feeling called out?

Don't worry, there's more.

Your purpose isn't hiding in any of those things.

We are so quick to see "our purpose" as this big, noble, Lord of the Rings type quest that we set out on.

The crazy truth is, it's actually the opposite.

We don't have to go anywhere to find our purpose because it is already within us.

Here's where we start getting hung up:

Most of us don't want to hang out with ourselves long enough to really figure out who we are.

BOOM! Mic drop.

C'mon, you know I'm right.

Getting to know ourselves is scary because:

  • What if I don't like what I find?
  • What if there is stuff I already don't like?
  • What if I do the work and still come up empty?

All of these are legit fears, however, the real truth is that most of us are afraid of our own greatness.

If we actually stopped caring about who the world told us to be and tapped into this big, amazing purpose we would have no more excuses to stay put AKA stay "safe."

So, how do we tap in?

How do you begin tapping into your truest self, your highest self, your purpose guided self?

The very first step is being ready to take the indward journey.

Once you have conquered the fear of looking inward and are ready to sit in the discomfort of whatever you might find, then you are ready to truly make change and find purpose in your life. You are ready to Undefine yourself.

The process to Undefine yourself:

Recognize Your TItles

We are all given titles the second we are born. "First born," "free-spirit," "wild-child." From there we only gain more. "Wife," "parent," "employee."

Recognizing all of these titles allows us to realize how they have been shaping our lives and actually keeping us out of touch with ourselves.

Taking on EGO

We all have an EGO that always wants to insist that we are right. It wants to keep us in our comfort zone and locked-in to our titles.

EGO keeps us disconnected from others and ourselves.

By taking on the EGO we free up space for a bigger part of ourselves. A part that is willing to grow and expand.

Awaken Consciousness

Once you have learned how to eliminate false titles and EGO presence, you can dive into how to begin awakening your highest self/consciousness.

Discover the driving force behind everything you do in your life so that you can always be conscious and aligned.

Get Undefined right now!

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I'm all in!

I'm Renee

Back in 2013, I started working through the process of Undefining myself although I had no clue what I was doing.

In the process I began to understand just how much I was focused on the world outside of myself and in doing so had lost touch with who I truly am.

I believe to my core that not enough people are living their purpose and because of it are doing a disservice to themselves and to the world around them.

Now I work to encourage others to live a life with purpose and passion that can truly leave a lasting impact on the world.


One day without purpose is one day too many. 

We can't expect every day to be great, amazing, or worthy of an epic theme song. But if you have lived a string of days that have lead to years of feeling misguided, out of alignment, and completely purposeless, now is your time.

This is your sign.

If those butterflies are going off and your gut is telling you to take the leap... if you even feel a little nauseous throughout your entire body... that is your purpose is trying to break out.

Stop fighting it.