Finding yourself in a world that keeps telling you who to be.

Hosted by your Life Alignment Coach, Renee Benes


"Hey there, I am the only person walking this earth without a purpose! Nice to meet you!"


Ever feel this way? Seriously?

You scroll social media, you read other people's success stories and you meet people everywhere who just seem to have it all figured out.

You might even attempt to be happy for them but deep down you wonder why the crap everyone seems to be doing better than you.

Then you take a moment to calculate your age and the things you've actually accomplished and your failure is confirmed.

Maybe it's something like:

You're still single (or single again)

Everyone else has a kid and you are childless still

Your children moved out and only call to ask how to pre-heat the oven

You make decent money, but your job just feels dull, boring and repetitive

You used to be this free spirit. You used to have plans and now they seem impossible.

Good news my friend, you are not alone in these feelings and you are purpose-full!


What's in this 2 hour training?

Identify Title Traps

We grow up being given a lot of titles by ourselves and others. Then, we associate certain character traits with these titles. Some of these false beliefs just might be holding you back from identifying with your true self. Together we will work through how to identify them and release any false beliefs you have tied to your titles.

Eliminating the False Self

You know that feeling you have where you just HAVE to be right in an argument? Or when you just KNEW how a fight was going to go only to find yourself totally surprised (and kind of uncomfortable when it didn't actually go that way?) That's because a lot of times we let our EGO get in our way. It gets in the way of our relationships and our inner peace. So let's learn to identify ego so we can step more into consciousness.

Awakening Consciousness and Finding Self

Now that we've learned how to eliminate false beliefs and ego presence, let's dive into how to begin awakening your highest self/consciousness within. I will help you discover your main driving force behind everything you do in your life, find where you are out of alignment and then give you practical tools for tapping into your true self, even in the midst of total chaos.

What if I can't make it?

Can't join us live? It's all good, be sure to check your emails after you've registered so you can get updates on the training as well as a digital copy of the training that you can keep going back to!

Ready to spend some time on YOU?

If you KNOW you need to get back in touch with you before you totally lose your marbles, let's. do. this!





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