Learn to stop pushing and start taking aligned action so you can start being guided with passion and purpose.

Yeah, that sounds nice in theory.

I know how easy it is to doubt that amazing things are possible with less effort.

But, think about it this way: have you ever been late for an event? You have that sense of urgency surging under your skin. You're angry, you're yelling at other drivers and you seem to be hitting every single stop light! The whole world appears to be against you.

However, there are the days that you're not in a rush. You've got good music going, the window is down and you're just enjoying the drive. But you see another driver that is speeding by and is swerving in and out of traffic in a rage.

Then...you casually (and easily) pass him by.

Why does this happen?

Einstein said: "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

That means when you are speeding through life in a hurry, filled with anxiety and hustling your ass off, you are telling the world that you like to hustle, you like anxiety and you want to stay this way.

Therefore, you will be met with obstacles, frustrations, and closed doors.

When you shift your energy to a state of happiness, peace and fearlessness everything changes. All of the doors open with little effort -- and you are more likely to see any open windows as well.

Physics also states: PULLing is easier than pushing

Less friction is created when we pull an item verses when we push it.

I will never deny that achieving great things requires no effort. You will still have to put in the effort if you want to transform you life. The thing is, most of us over-complicate this.

You do not have to make your journey more difficult by trying to PUSH when you could PULL.

That is what the PULL Group Coaching program is designed to help you do. Give you the tools and techniques to help you direct your life in a simpler, easier way while still receiving the same (or greater) results.


You should apply for PULL if:

  • You feel like you are constantly showing up for others
  • The idea of self care seems almost impossible
  • When you think about what you want to do with your life you can think of tons of things but aren't sure which is the right fit
  • You turn to online shopping or social media scrolling when you're bored or stressed
  • You go through phases where you set goals but you struggle to stick to them
  • Life feels boring or repetitive. Like you're stuck on a hamster wheel

As women most of us have been conditioned to survive in a male-dominated world. This often means we have lost touch with our God-given strengths of intuition, interpersonal connections, and insane wisdom!

PULL is designed to realign you with your true self in a fun, supportive way.

What PULL coaching gives you:

  • A real chance to connect with women just like you
  • Time to escape from the same routine
  • Actual answers for how to find more joy in your life
  • Fun. Night out with the girls kind of fun that you don't want to end.
  • Total guidance and support
  • Practical tools designed to connect you to your inner guidance

They say that we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with. For some of us that means our kids, husbands, and co-workers. Chances are you want to be a little different than some of these people. Even if they are amazing people.

Each PULL group is assembled to provide the most supportive, loving, and motivational group possible. This way we can help one another grow, thrive and step into our own unique strengths.

Instead of gossip or girl talk we'll be talking life purpose, soul goals, limiting beliefs and ...well, girl talk too.

If you are down to surround yourself with highly motivated women committed to self improvement and success then PULL is definitely for you!


Hey there! I'm Renee, your Life Coach!

I am the CEO of The Fun Sized Life -- a company where I have shared our family's story of escaping the hustle and living on our own terms!

As a wife, mom, business owner and woman, I have repeatedly found the key to true success comes when I just stopped PUSHING

This method goes against everything we believe and have been taught but it yields AMAZING results if you do it right!

It's my life mission to teach as many woman as I can how to strive less, have more fun, and easily align with their purpose.


"Renee really helped me with doing goals for what I wanted to achieve as well as strategies a realistic plan to get it all accomplished.  She was very invested in my success. She was very encouraging when I doubted myself and held me accountable when I needed it." 

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