Hey there, I'm Renee!

A recovering lover of stuff and hater of money!

In 2015 I lead my family through the downsize of our home. I started a money-making blog in 2016 that helped us pay off all of our debt by 2017.

All of this allowed us more lazy Saturdays, travel opportunities, and night's out with family where we can cover the tab.

My mission is to help you achieve your idea of The Simple Life.

Through creating a better relationship with STUFF and MONEY I help people clear the mental blocks that keep them stuck and create a game plan to get you toward the life you were made for. 

Much Love, Renee


Right Brained Budget!

Learn the #1 thing that changed the way I budget! Plus, how to budget just 10 minutes per week and how to get started stress-free!

Join the training!

And start making your money work for you!

Work one on one with Renee through...

Simple Life Coaching

Get one on one time with Renee through her signature style of Simple Life Coaching. Find the roadblocks and mindsets that are keeping you stuck in a cycle of consuming and over-spending so you can simplify your time, money and take back your life!

Blogging 101 Coaching

Finally get ahead of the blogging game so you can build a flexible, profitable blog on your own terms. Work one on one with Renee to strategize and set up a game plan that will bring total creative and financial freedom through blogging.

...or take a course...

The Automatic Budget


Ditch budget spreadsheets and get systems in place to pay off debt and grow wealth on autopilot.

Stay at Home Blogger

Learn the 4 phase action plan to building an online empire in your spare time from anywhere!


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