Hey there,

I'm Renee.

Let's slow it down a litte, what do ya say?

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What would you be capable of if you had...

a little less?

A little less stuff to manage.

A little fewer things on your to do list.

A little less fear about what other people think.

When I began applying minimalist to my life and mindset, I began to see everything I ever wanted unfold before my eyes.

I am here to remind you that amazing things can come into your life when you simply make room for them.

 No more putting off until tomorrow what you could begin to create space for today.


Unstuffed Podcast.


Where simple living meets self development.

You've never heard minimalism done like this. Forget about household chores and new organizational systems. On the Unstuffed podcast Renee will dive into what it takes to truly let go, create freedom, and get UNSTUFFED from the day to day burdens that weigh us down.

Clutter? See ya later.

People pleasing? Buh Bye!

Constant hustle? Don't even think about it.

With 130+ five star reviews and over half a million listeners, Unstuffed is the uplifting, laid back, no-nonsense podcast you should add to your playlist like yesterday. 


Ep. 103: 7 Ways I Started Slow Living as a Busy Mom in the Suburbs
Ep. 95: 3 Scary Things That Made Me a Minimalist
Ep. 90: How to Stop Caring What Other People Thing (Even If It's Nice)
Ep. 67: Influencers Aren't the Problem. You Are.

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Oh yeah,

Have we met yet?

In 2014 I started to have this nagging feeling that I wasn't living the life I was meant to live.

At that point, I'd spent most of my life focused on the stuff I wanted have instead of who I wanted to be. Spoiler alert: I got all the stuff, and felt emptier than ever.

That's why I paused shopping, decluttered my closet, downsized my house, and worked to understand money and how to make passive income.

Oh, and I started a blog to document it all!

More than anything, I wanted to create space and flexibility so that I could align with life I wanted for myself and for my family.

Not sure what you're meant for?

Let's figure this out together!

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