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Minimalist Mindset Coaching for the Chronically Overwhelmed

You get one life.

Time to clear mental and physical clutter so you can get back to really living.


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Find Alignment

Get clear about your purpose and what living a successful life means to you.

Create Space

Eliminate clutter to free up time, energy and detach from materials that are holding you back.

Enhance Energy

Renew your energy resources by applying minimalist techniques to your habits and schedule.

Live Your Purpose

Live each day with less stress knowing that you are living in alignment with your purpose.

 I'm Renee

Your minimalist mindset coach here to help you make life's biggest challenges incredibly simple.

We each get one life to live, and it's meant to be fun!

Let's not overcomplicate it.


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The Blog


Want to browse some articles and get inspiration on ways that you can simplify your home, declutter your space, and uplift your mindset? Browse hundreds of minimalist-based articles on The Fun Sized

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The Minimalist Reset


Want to live a life authentic to yourself but feel like you don't have the time, money or energy to make it happen? This digital course is a go-at-your-own-pace life-changing program that I will guide you through!

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If you are SO ready to make massive impact in your life by cultivating a more minimalist lifestyle and mindset and want someone to help you stay committed to your goals, coaching is definitely where you want to be!

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 Clutter Coaching


I am offering Clutter Coaching for a limited time where we can chat for a full hour one on one and set up a game plan for declutter success!

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"Renee did a great job of helping me think through my ideas from all sides without necessarily inserting her own personal opinion and it has guided me to feeling more confident in my decisions."



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