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Platforms to sell your products from

ConvertKit is an amazing and affordable tool to use when you are wanting to create and sell a digital product like an ebook or printouts. Through the ConvertKit platform you are able to sell a product, create a sales page and keep your costs low.

My favorite part about CovertKit is that it offers the potential for growing an email list. This can be great if you are wanting to grow your list for another part of your business or eventually branch out into coaching. Also, you can click here to get 2 weeks free!


If you are hoping to turn your social media into a full-blown side hustle, investing in Kajabi might be a good idea. With Kajabi you can host and design a website, create multiple digital products (including courses), build an email list, host webinars... the list is nearly endless.

For me, using Kajabi for all of these things is more affordable than paying for them all on separate platforms. Click here to for 2 week free trial.


If you know you are going to want to create online digital courses, but don't want to pay the full cost of Kajabi, Teachable is an incredibly easy and cost effective way to begin creating and selling an online course.

This was the first platform I used when I built my first course and sold my first printout bundle! Teachable is a great option for beginners because there is a totally FREE membership level and the next most expensive is only $39 per month. Click here to start for free.

For product creation

My top recommendation for creating your digital products is Canva. It is completely free to start and has pre-made templates for things like ebooks, presentations and social media posts. 

You can get started totally for free and pay a small monthly fee if you want a wider range of options. Click here to get started.