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of the stuff holding you back?

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"As a chronic “over-functioner”, I was stopped in my busy body tracks by Renee’s message. I am learning to relax, and do “nothing”, without that nagging sense of guilt to accomplish. Love her podcast and her message!"  

-Marisa Coughlan: Writer and Actor


There is something in your life that you need to let go of in order to get to your next steps.

Without knowing it, we cling to outdated beliefs, fears, and even possessions that keep us grounded when what we really crave is the freedom that comes from letting go.

From selling my dream house, to letting go of my expectations for other people, to quitting the online business I built from the ground up, I am no stranger to The Art of Letting Go.

In my keynote speech, I will share with your audience how to embrace the unknown, find what's holding them back and boldly let go of anything that's no longer serving them.


Panelist / Workshops.

Want some new insights on how to apply simplicity to home and work life at your next conference or some thoughtful contributions for your upcoming panel?

I am no stranger to open discussion having interviewed NYT Best Selling authors, speakers, and coaches.

If you're looking for a new, more heart-felt perspective on your next panel, or workshop, I'm your girl.



 If you are looking for guests for your podcast, or a new take on your next story, you can inquire below to see if we'd be a good fit.


"Renee is a natural! It's clear she is very comfortable with speaking, facilitating, and is knowledgeable about her topics. Working with her was easy, informative, and got very positive reception!"

-Emily Ballesteros: Author of The Cure for Burnout

Renee on Parents's Real Moms, Real Money

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About Renee.

Hey there, I'm Renee and I'm here to help you let go of whatever is holding you back.

For years I used to cling to anything in life that felt stable, even if it wasn't good for me.

Sometimes by choice, sometimes not, I've learned that there is great power in learning to let go.

Life is constantly changing and if we cling to long to one part of it, we just might miss the whole picture.

"Renee will serve up your minimalism inspiration with a side of humor and sass."

-Barefoot Minimalists

"Renee is a thoughtful interview with such an interesting perspective on decluttering."

-Tracy McCubbin CEO of dClutterfly & author of Make Space for Happiness

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