One thing I have learned is that being alive doesn't mean we are necessarily living.


We are meant to grow, create, have fun, and leave everything behind when we go.


Most of the time, we overcomplicate life when we're really meant to just live.


 Writer | Podcaster | Content Creator 

I'm a wife, mama in a beautifully blended family, and cheerleader for your one life.

For the last decade I have been on a journey of detachment and self discovery that has helped me let go of my possessions, find contentment in simple living and reconnect to my purpose in a way that feels fun and easy.

My hope in everything I do is to inspire you to boldly claim this life you've been given and to not let anything hold you back.



To say I grew up with a dysfunctional family would be an understatement. I have dealt with abandonment issues, seen addiction, divorce, and buried two dads before the age of 34.

All of these painful lessons slowly reminded me that life is precious, that dreams are not to be wasted and that most of the STUFF we think is so important...well, it isn't.

So, I decided what was important, who I wanted to be, the impact I wanted to leave and I let go of everything else. 

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