The audio to help you declutter way more than STUFF.

Clutter is so much bigger than stuff. 

Let's face it, if you've ever struggled with decluttering or keeping your house organized, you know the battle is so much bigger than stuff.

You know you need to clean house but you can't help but worry about...

  • The guilt of throwing stuff away.
  • The fear of what if I need this someday?
  • The worry that someone will be mad if throw away stuff they gave you.

If you've battled these thoughts then you understand what I mean when I say we hang onto so much more than stuff.


Time to let go.

 What we often think is a physical process of decluttering is really a mental game of letting go.

When we learn to let go of the fears that keep us attached to our clutter, we begin to shake free from the clutter itself...and learn more about ourselves than we ever thought possible!


Enter: Stuff Detox 

Stuff Detox is a downloadable audio course that you can take with you on the go and is designed to declutter your space while you shift the way you look at all the baggage you are carrying around.

If you're tired of battling the mind-blocks that keep you in clutter, Stuff Detox was created just for you.

  • Learn to clear through your clutter blocks and re-think the way you declutter.
  • Up-level your spending mindset so you are bringing in only the things that enhance your life so you can stop drowning in clutter.
  • Retrain your brain and create a calm in your home and heart that you never thought possible.

What's You Get


The Full Suite Includes:

  • Access to the 2 hour downloadable audio course
  • Behind-the-scenes lessons from Shopping Rehab
  • Answers to your biggest decluttering questions and clutter blocks
  • Minimalism and money mindset coaching to help you shift your perspective, shake free from clutter, and up-level your money mindset
  • BONUS: 3 Hours of expert interviews 
  • BONUS: Downloadable Minimalist Lifestyle and Declutter Guide

Access the Stuff Detox Audio Course