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The Bucket List Budget


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Ok, so you've heard of budgeting.

Maybe you've tried, maybe you haven't... but I'll bet you one thing.

I bet you've heard lots of things you're supposed to do with your money like:

  • How to manage it
  • Savings tips
  • Frugal living ideas
  • How to get out of debt

People have told you what to do with your money, but, I'll bet no one has told you what your money is supposed to do for you!

Usually we choose one of 2 things:

YOLO Life or Safe Life.

The people living the YOLO life fear the safety net of working so hard, saving all of their money and then dying without having done anything.

The Safe Life people don't understand how people could live so adventurously and carelessly. Plan first, save smart, and when you retire you will be rewarded.

The thing is the YOLO Life often leads to credit card debt, paycheck to paycheck stress, and then panicking once you realize you have to keep working to survive.

The Safe Life often means you'll have plenty of money, reach the end of your time on earth and realize you worked so hard for money and didn't actually use it to do anything you wanted to.

Instead of choosing between these two not-so-great options, what if we smooshed them together?

Build your safety net and live your dream.

You don't have to choose one or the other.

Pinching pennies to save money is like eating dry salad trying to lose weight -- neither one is going to last long.

I mean, sure, you can learn all of the best ways to clip coupons, save money and dumpster dive for leftovers -- you'll save money that way and maybe even wind up being a full-blown millionaire. But, my guess is you're gonna have a lot of lonely days.

This concept is the same as you trying to eat only kale to lose weight. You're going to lose weight but you're also going to be moping in the corner during the neighborhood barbecue. And you'll probably be in a constant-state of hangry.

The key to balance is in a spending plan.

Instead of laying down strict rules that leave you feeling stressed and strapped for cash, you can build a healthy spending plan that still allows you the ability to save money and pay off debt.

My family knew there had to be balance between healthy money management and living your life. That's why we created The Bucket List Budget spending plan blueprint.

Hey there, I'm Renee!

In 2015 our family was stuck. We had gotten so caught up in keeping up with everyone else (the house, the cars, the jobs) that we didn't realize how far away from our own Bucket List we had actually gotten.

So we took our life (and money) back into our own hands.

Now we are living debt free, we have increased our retirement contributions, more than tripled our savings and we did it all while traveling, going out to eat, and living on a budget that was designed by us for us. (Oh yeah, and we raised a family while we did it!)

In the last 2 years we have traveled to 14 states, more than doubled our savings and officially launched an online business.

If we can do it, anyone can!

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Coming home from vacation shouldn't be stressful.

Have you ever gotten to that point where you craved a vacation so badly that you just threw it on a credit card? I totally have! The problem with this is, you come home and find yourself more stressed than before you left because now you have thousands of dollars (with interest) to pay back.

Inside the Bucket List Budget I will teach you how to get a plan in place to make sure you can travel and still stay financially stable.

Don't let yourself buy into the myth that you either get to live an adventurous life or be a responsible, hard working, adult. With careful planning and some elbow grease, you can draft a budget that allows you to have both and I want to show you how.


It's time to build your Bucket List!

Free up more of your income without working harder

Learn how to build a budget around your dream life

Get tools and guidance tot help you stick to your spending plans


What Bucket Listers are Saying

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It was phenomenal! I really appreciated how you connect the dots between budgeting and big picture, 'bucket list' goals. That really resonated with me because I totally don't think of these things! - @millionairebynextyear

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The Bucket List Budget offers a unique perspective on budgeting that will really connect with people who have struggled in the past with “traditional budgeting” and includes actionable tips to help set them up for quick wins! - @centsandpurpose

Don't just keep up!

Once you make the choice to take back your life and your money, there is no limit to the things you are capable of.

I'm not just talking balancing checkbooks here

The Bucket List Budget will guide you through:

  • Facing your finances head on
  • Tackling negative money mindsets that have been holding you back your entire life
  • Creating a Spending Inventory to get clear about your secret financial habits and find lost money
  • Diving into your biggest Bucket List goals and drafting a financial blueprint to help you execute them
  • Learning how to hack your budget and find ways to get more money back and fast
  • Getting behind the damage that debt can do and get practical tools for tackling it
  • Writing a list of guilt-free spending for things you want more of!
  • Finally, get the solid structures that will help you build a secure budget stress free.

What's in the course?

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Module 1: Know Where You're At

Get behind your money mindset struggles and come face to face with your spending habits (both good and bad).

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Module 2: Bucket List Blueprint

Find similarities in your Bucket List goals to help you draft a blueprint that you can use to guide you through the course.

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Module 3: Money Maximized

Let's buckle down and start hacking more money into your budget to start making those Bucket List goals a reality!

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Module 4: Building the Bucket List Budget

You've put in the work now it's time to design a stress-free budget that works for you!

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Module 5: Maintaining Your Budget

This bonus section of the course gives you great tips and advice for making your budget work...even when it fails!

Ready to make your money work for you?

The Bucket List Budget


What you get

  • Access to all 5 modules of the course
  • Customized budget guidance
  • Video trainings
  • Workbook printouts
  • BONUS! Get instant access to the exclusive Bucket List Budget private Facebook group
  • BONUS! Audio downloads


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