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How to connect your desire for cash to something deeper so you can attract more money --even if you suck at math!!




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What if you could have more money in your life without working harder or constantly stressing about cash?

Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at your bank account in a total panic because there is hardly any money left and you still have 2 weeks until payday?

 Your savings is drained, you're panicking about affording food, gas and paying your bills and then you fall asleep in a cold sweat seriously considering selling your kidney.

If this scenario sounds a little too familiar, you are not alone my friend!

So many people desperately want more money yet never seem to be able to hang onto it for long.

We dream of winning the lottery, start looking for second jobs, or anything that pays more than our current one...but the one thing people never consider is the one thing that can actually help you the most!

Changing how you feel about money.

So corny. I know, right? But hear me out...


Say no more. I'm in!!!

Have you already tried these things...

  • Spouting off money affirmations you found on Pinterest
  • Setting financial goals and hustling to accomplish them
  • Trying to just "believe" and "trust" that it's going to happen
  • Racking up credit card debt trying to buy the nice things you need to make yourself FEEL like you're wealthy
  • Obsessively researching new ways to save money
  • Cutting back on silly spendings like lattes and new clothes

These are all things I have tried doing in order to save money, have more money, or shift my money mindset and yet I never saw any results!!!

And if you feel like you have tried all of this too, my friend, I have got some great news...

Some of these things actually DO work -- it's just that no one teaches how to make them work together!!!


I will teach you to create your OWN money manual!


So many people never understand money because they believe there is some super complicated process that only the bazillionaire of the world knows about! -- This is not true!

Money-Free Mind is designed to help you win with money from the inside out so you can ditch those habits that keep setting you back and learn how to turn into a money-magnet like only you know-how!

What's in the training?

Find your money blocks

The first thing you have to do is find your money blocks. What are the hang-ups your have with money?

Flip your script

You keep repeating things like, "I'm so broke." "I always struggle with money." And what your brain says, is, "Ok, cool. I'll make sure things stay that way!"

Finding a way to flip the script (in a way that doesn't feel like total crap) is absolutely crucial.

Locate your money gas tank!

We all have a secret money gas tank. A desire that can fuel us to make more money in a less-stress way.

Once you find this money drive of yours and begin to align with it, suddenly all of those financial instructions seem easier to stick to!


Success Story

"Renee really helped me dig deep and understand the emotional connection I had with wanting to attain money for my family. I didn't realize what my true motivation was for money until she helped me see it."

Hey there, I'm Renee!

I am an Algebra class dropout, serial entrepreneur and mother of 4 in a beautiful blended family.

Back in 2015 we were drowning financially and in fact, we had been drowning for a lot longer!

I knew there had to be a better future for my family that didn't involve paycheck-to-paycheck living that caused constant money tension in our marriage!!

I finally got fed up with the "Help me, I'm poor," mentality and decided to do the work to understand this money thing for good!

And I did!

I learned how to manage money, I learned how to pay off debt but for some reason, the STRESS still stuck around!

Until I started the deeper research! It wasn't until I got past the "How to" guides and the "rules" of money that I began to understand that dominating money goes so much deeper.

Now we are killing it with investing, we save automatically, and (as you can see) we don't cut costs when it comes to the fun stuff like lattes, vacations, and nights out on the town!

To be can't afford NOT to understand how this stuff actually works!

YES! I want the Money-Free Mind game plan!


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