Money-Free Mind

The secrets to ditching money stress and the game plan to manifesting more moola!




Money SUCKS.

Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by, or living on a frigid budget that leaves you having absolutely ZERO fun, there is no denying that sometimes money

It totally sucks.

Even when you want to be good with your money, an emergency comes up or maybe you splurge a little too much and then beat yourself up for days.

You thought you were getting ahead and then, BAM, all of a sudden you find yourself repeating those same 'ol phrases,

"I'm totally broke."

"Help me, I'm poor."

Is there some secret sauce to this money thing?

Cuz, I'd really like to pour that sh*t on everything!

Raise your hand if everything you have ever heard about money involved a lot of the following things:

  • Words so complicated you broke out in a cold sweat
  • Complicated math
  • A confusing financial system that left you feeling so overwhelmed that you went into a 3-day mini depression

If this all sounds so familiar let me also guess and assume that you just gave up on trying to understand money?!

You gave up because you assumed everyone else understood this crazy talk and you were the only fool who was scratching your head and breathing into a paper bag.

"Guess I'll just stay broke!"

Well, guess what? There is a secret sauce to money that most financial gurus are not talking about! --and it is as good a Chik-fil-A sauce.



Ok. Seriously though? There's a money "secret sauce?"

Confession: I don't like the term "secret sauce." I imagine a really gross, creamy sauce that I actually have no idea what is in it. If that's the case, you can believe that I'm not gonna try it! Cuz...creepy.

The thing is, no one talks about this "secret" side of money for 2 reasons:

  1. Not everyone knows about it
  2. You don't need it to be good with money

It's totally true that you can win with money by following the steps in any basic financial book. Like an instruction manual.

But what happens when the instruction manual is written in Greek that you totally don't understand?

You lose.

Worse yet, what happens when you try to follow the financial instruction manual but you find yourself self-sabotaging and falling back into the same old money habits? 

You quit.

Why not create your own money manual?

If the instructions aren't really working or you can't seem to make them stick, why not start from scratch?

In other words: if no budget or financial strategy has worked for you yet, it's because they weren't designed for you!

What makes the Money-Free Mind training different is that there's more to it than reading some complicated instructions.

Money-Free Mind is designed to help you win with money from the inside out so you can ditch those habits that keep setting you back and learn how to turn into a money-magnet like only you know how!

Here's the breakdown of how the training works:

Find your money blocks

The first thing you have to do is find your money blocks. What are the hang-ups your have with money?

Flip your script

You keep repeating things like, "I'm so broke." "I always struggle with money." And what your brain says, is, "Ok, cool. I'll make sure things stay that way!"

Finding a way to flip the script (in a way that doesn't feel like total crap) is absolutely crucial.

Get fueled by your money drive

We all have a secret money driver. A desire that can fuel us to make more money in a less-stress way. When you find this money drive of yours and begin to align with it, suddenly all of those financial instructions seem easier to stick to!


Success Story

"Renee really helped me dig deep and understand the emotional connection I had with wanting to attain money for my family. I didn't realize what my true motivation was for money until she helped me see it."

Ok...but I still don't have a plan.

Sure, talking about mindset stuff is great and all but what about those tangible strategies that are working for all the Richie Riches of the world?

You're probably thinking: "Yeah, I want to feel better about money, but I still want to know how to manage money!"

Yup, I totally get that! That's why, as an added bonus, when you have finished the training, I will send you 3 of my best (and easy peasy) financial strategies to:

  • Build a budget
  • Pay off debt
  • How to set up a (crazy) simple investment plan!

In other words, you'll get the full financial tool kit that works from the inside out!

YES! I want the game plan!

Sign up now and gain access to the Money-Free Mind training and my 3 best simple financial plans as an added bonus for only $37!