How do you keep money in the bank, and grow wealth on autopilot without constantly crunching numbers or stressing over money?










Feeling broke all the time is taking way too much of your energy that should be devoted to the things you really care about!

We all know that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach when we see a low balance in our bank account.

You're out of money, payday is still a week away and you are kicking yourself for enjoying that night out, even though you didn't really spend that much! 

Well, what if I told you there was an easy way to still have freedom in your life and money in the bank without constantly stressing over your spending?

In fact, when you put your focus on the things you want most, even the things that feel impossible right now, that is when you can really begin to transform your life, ditch the guilt around spending, and grow wealth on autopilot!

I know, you might be thinking, "That sounds like total BS" ...and I get it.

Maybe you're like me and you've been lead to believe you either have fun or you manage your money...but doing both? That's total crap.

Can we take a hot second to discuss why it is we think this...

Blame your money issues on your parents, a Boomer, or that "boss babe" from high school

Most of us have crazy negative ideas around money or having a budget, and for good reason...

You see, if you struggle with money, there is a good chance that your parents did as well. 

You grew up learning how money works from them and these lessons became ingrained in your subconscious after being handed down from generation to generation.

Unfortunately, most of the messages that we receive tell us that money is hard to manage is super confusing and is the root of all evil.

No wonder we don't think money and fun go hand in hand.

On top of that, most of the people sharing money tips usually fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  • Already billionaires living life on exotic beaches with perfect bodies hyping you up about being a millionaire when you would be happy to just take a vacation without having a mild panic attack.
  • That one chick from high school who is all of a sudden interested in your life and trying to be your BFF long enough to get you to join her pyramid scheme but you don't want to spend your free time peddling products you don't really care about.
  • An old, white male who spouts off super boring financial terms that make your head feel like it is going to explode and put you to sleep at the same time.

If this stuff is what it takes to have money...then count me out!

It all feels so overwhelming and so damn impossible that you decide the best plan of action is to just put your party pants on, hit up the local sales, enjoy the occasional vacay, and just try to make the most of this thing called life.

Does this sound about right? I know this is how I felt a few years ago...

From shopaholic to Rich Minimalist.

I spent most of my life feeling confused, underqualified, and undeserving of more money. I mean, I wanted more money, I just didn't think it was in the cards for me.

Money was too confusing and too restricting...

So I did my best to keep up...I wore the right clothes, bought the right house, and took all the right vacation shots for my Instagram just trying to "live my best life."

But, as you might know, it's kind of hard to really enjoy life when you spend your nights silently panicking about how you're going to get by before payday.

So I made a change...

In just a few years I took our family from broke, struggling, and financially illiterate to growing to 6 figure investments, being totally debt-free, creating multiple passive income streams, and taking vacations whenever we want!

All it took was making the decision to change our lives and ditch the "Help me, I'm poor," mindset.

In just 4 years I have shared the lessons I've learned with over 2 million people!

And now, I have found a way to simplify the whole process into 4 minimalist-friendly steps!! (I love keeping things simple!)

Your 4 step wealth-building  action plan

Phase 1


The Alignment phase is all about creating a deeper, stronger, connection to your highest self, your values, and who you are. This is a chance to re-connect (maybe for the first time) with your true self, your biggest dreams, and what you really want from this one life.

Phase 2


Imagine the feeling of carrying a 50-pound backpack up a hill and then finally being able to toss it off your back! THAT is the Elimination Round! By the end of this module, you will feel lighter and freer, having eliminated negative energy, habits, and spending from your life.

Phase 3

Cash Plan

If you have ever wanted to understand how to knock out your debt, grow massive money in the bank, and how to literally take advantage of free money on will know it all by the end of this section! And it will all be working for you!

Phase 4

Rich Minimalist

Hey there, money genius! In this final module of the Rich Minimalist program, you will officially become a master of simple wealth building! Who says you need to work so hard for your money when it could be working hard for you!?!

Oh, a few more things!

If you were worried that you were going to have to go on this whole life transformation all on your own, you are totally wrong!! I have made sure to cover all the bases so you feel totally supported!

On top of the 4 phases included in the Rich Minimalist program, I have added some super amazing BONUSES so you can totally knock this money stuff out of the park!

  • VIP Facebook Group so you feel constantly supported throughout your journey
  • Money Mindset Mastery work so you can clear mind blocks that are keeping you stuck from allowing the flow of more money to come into your life
  • A guided workbook to help you get crystal clear about your life and money goals
  • BONUS 1 for 2 SALE Get the Bucket List Budget course that will take you on a deep dive into budgeting so you can cover all of your bases (supplies limited, so sign up soon!)









5 Signs that you are ready for massive cash flow!

It's true, most people want change but just aren't ready to make the leap. Not quite sure if this program is for you? 

Here are some signs that you are so ready...

+ You are officially waving your white flag in the air! You are willing to accept that your ways of managing money are just not working and even if you have good intentions, you know you need a little guidance to get you to the next level.

You love the idea of sleeping soundly without money anxiety keeping you up at night. Life is too precious to spend your downtime in a constant state of panic over something as insignificant as money and you are so done wasting your valuable time!

You want to be able to spend carefree without ever hitting that shame spiral after a major spending binger. Maybe that means treating your family to vacations, flipping the bill for swanky dinners with friends, or just buying a latte without having convulsions.

+ You love the idea of a total life transformation because whether we like to admit it or not, our money habits really define the quality of the other areas of our lives and you are so ready to start glowing up from the inside out!

+ You are ready to break the chain! Limiting beliefs and bad habits around spending and saving are passed down from generation to generation and you are so ready to take charge and be the change for your bloodline!


Ok, but I have a question...

Rich Minimalist Success Stories

So what's the cost of financial freedom?

Ok, can I be a total A-hole for a second and ask much have your bad money habits cost you so far?

I know, I know...I hate to even ask ... but the thing is, I rejected the idea of paying for financial help because I thought it was a waste of money!

That mindset literally kept me (and my family) broke, in debt, and barely scraping by for years before I finally caved and paid for financial books, trainings, and courses. Of course, the second I was willing to do that was the second our financial futures began to change and we began to create major growth in our bank accounts!

The truth is, there is an energy behind money, and the second we decide to make a shift and start using money toward improving our lives rather than spending on the same things that are keeping us broke, is the same second our entire mindset begins to shift and momentum begins to build.

So, here's the breakdown...

  • Rich Minimalist 4 phase action plan (Value $2,000)
  • Money Mindset training (Value $350)
  • VIP Facebook Mastermind access (Value $1,000)
  • Bucket List Budget course (Value $500+)

That is a total value of almost $4,000!!! And that's not even close to what the cost of the course is!!

For just $197 you will gain instant access to ALL of this, BUT REMEMBER, SPOTS ARE LIMITED! 










Still feeling those butterflies?

Do a quick body check with me:

Butterflies in the tummy

Not sure if you're even breathing

All your muscles are tense

Biting your lip, nails, pen cap...

Got any of this going on right now?

If so, congratulations because...

All of these are signs that you are ready to "level up" in life!!

Our brain tries so hard to keep us in our comfort zone -- which is why so many people never actually chase big dreams, meet their goals or live life on their own terms!

You, my friend, are ready for more. I can feel it.

But, if you're still not convinced you're ready to "make the leap," let me provide a safety net!

With the RIch Minimalist course, you also get a

30 Day Money-back Pinky Promise!

One thing I strongly believe in is that no one should own something that they don't totally love.

If the Rich Minimalist course just doesn't seem to work for you, it's all good.

Just send us an email and we will get you your money back!



Get started now for only $197!