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Does it feel like the only thing that makes you happy is counting down the days to vacation...

You browse Amazon looking for new outfits, plan your vacay excursions and cross off every day on your calendar in anticipation of your escape.

Call me crazy, but when we are given one chance to live...should we be spending it being excited about another day being over?

Something seems off there...

But how you are supposed to enjoy your days when:

  • Your job pays the bills but definitely doesn't fill you with purpose
  • There is always some new expense popping up
  • Everyone seems to be demanding your attention so you barely get time with the people you actually like spending time with
  • You wear "busy" like a badge of honor so much so that your to-do list plays on a loop in your head
  • Vacation seems like the only way to escape reality for a little while and sometimes even vacation isn't very relaxing

Is there actually an end to the madness or are you supposed to just keep grinding until you can finally retire?


There is a secret "reset" button no one has told you about.

Back in 2015 our perfect life nearly ended our marriage.

My husband, Tom, felt like a slave to his work, I was burning the candle at both ends trying to be a supermom and run my own photography business.

Money always seemed to be a cause of stress and tension and yet we were both working super hard to try and have more.

One day I woke up and realized I was not living the life I said I wanted to live.

I claimed I wanted freedom, travel, a good marriage, and time with my family, but the life we were living seemed to be keeping all of those things out of my reach.

We had blindly followed this "perfect plan" for our lives that lead to the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect jobs...but whose idea of perfect was this?

Not ours.

Instead of continuing to live someone else's plan for our lives, we decided to hit the reset button and draft our own blueprint that would help us built a life we weren't trying to escape from.

In 2 years we managed to:

  • Save our marriage
  • Create more money without working more
  • Tripple our net worth
  • Spend more time traveling with our kids
  • Make money while we sleep (seriously)

We went through the trenches, we did the work and we found the key to total freedom...and we want to take you with us!

Rich Minimalist

(AKA Your custom-made reset button)

The 4 phase plan to simplify your life and money to create endless opportunity!

Rich Minimalist is a signature course laid out in a proven, step-by-step system that works!

If you are so done living life on someone else's terms, this course will walk you through how to:

  • Find your misalignment - So often when something feels "off" in our lives we spend most of our time guessing what it is or just running away from it altogether. In reality, the first step is facing it head-on, calling it out!
  • Eliminate waste - Most of the time when we are unhappy we try adding new stuff to spice things up. New clothes. New trip. Redecorate the house. Basically, we just keep guessing what might make us happy. The real solution is to stop adding more and instead start eliminating the excess in order to create space for the life you really want!
  • Fund your freedom - Once you've figured out what isn't working, and you've cleared your schedule of wasted time, energy, and excess stuff you can begin putting your time and money to good use by building an automated financial system designed to serve YOU!
  • Saying "YES" to life - Once your money is working for you and you are in alignment with the life you want, you can finally begin saying "YES" to all the things that you want to do! Take the trip, eat that 5-star meal, work less...the options literally become limitless.

What would life look like?

Take a minute and just imagine you hit the "reset" button.

You have total freedom in your days to do exactly what you want to do

You are able to do work that is meaningful to you and you are passionate about it

You can say "HELL YES" to any new opportunity that sounds exciting

You still plan vacations and actually relax during them

Your stress around money has been totally eliminated

You have got cash on hand and money in the bank

You are able to treat people to meals

You can happily give to family and friends when they need some extra cash and you are not worried about getting paid back

You no longer wait for each day to end because you have created freedom and flexibility that allows you to be fully present and happy

This life is possible. You've just got to be willing to stop accepting the one you're currently living.


What's in the course?

Phase 1



Just how big of a gap is there between the life you want and the life you are currently living?

In this phase of the course we will dive into the three biggest areas to locate misalignment:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Your space

When you know where you're at, you can more easily create a road map for where you want to go.


Phase 2


If you have less holding you down, you can go faster, farther, and have more freedom. Right?

In this phase of the course, now that you have located your misalignment we can begin to eliminate any dead weight that is holding you back and slowing you down.

This is where your Rich Minimalist journey really starts gaining momentum.

Chances are you have been chasing the wrong quick wins when it comes to money. Allow me to show you the right ones!

Phase 3

Cash Plan

You have a vision for the life you want to live and like it or not, money is going to be the best tool to make it happen.

In this section of the course, we will eliminate all the stress and confusion most people have around money.

I will give you the proven methods to make your money work around the clock for you!

Time to lock-in those big life and money goals and then sit back and watch the 0's roll in.


Phase 4

Rich Minimalist

Want to maximize your lifestyle in the most minimalist way possible?

In this final phase of the course, I will share with you millionaire secrets to working less and creating a life of total freedom.

If you have ever dreamed of a life where you can be your own boss, do work that is meaningful, and take time off whenever you damn well please, this is the phase you are not going to want to miss!


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BONUS Training!!!

When you have been living life on autopilot, it can feel kind of scary believing that you could actually take control.

I get it.

That's why I have added some additional resources so that you feel totally supported and ready to take on the world!


Bonus #1

Clutter Coaching

Having a less cluttered home has been shown to help improve your mood, reduce stress and create more peace in your life.

That's why I wanted to include some bonus training on how to start clearing your space and creating a zen-like home you can be proud of.

Think of this as a turbo-boost that will help free up time and energy for better things!


VIP Facebook

Nothing makes me more nervous when starting a new venture than feeling like I am totally on my own.

That's why I have created a VIP Rich Minimalist Facebook group where you can gain access to me as well as an entire community of people who are working to change their lives just like you!

Let's support one another, share our wins and encourage each other to keep going!

The Rich Minimalist lifestyle allowed our family of 5 to:

  • Lower our yearly expenses by over $20,000 per year!
  • Pay off debt including medical bills, student loans, credit cards, and car payments!
  • Generate passive income from home!
  • Increase investments by 7%
  • More than triple savings
  • Take yearly 2-week road trips
  • Travel to over 15 US states in a 3 year period!

**All on only one full-time income!!!**

So, what do ya say?

Are you ready to build your Rich Minimalist Blueprint?


Can I get a price check?

When you enroll today you'll get....

Jump in now and you'll gain access to the course when it launches on March 21!

You'll get access to:

  • Rich Minimalist 4 Phase training (Value $2,000)
  • Clutter Coaching (Value $1,000)
  • VIP Facebook (Value $300)

That's a $3,300 value for only $297!

The amount of actionable knowledge within this course is the stuff you usually only get when you pay thousands for 1 on 1 coaching or spend (hmm lemme think...) a decade reading, applying, and taking multiple courses!!

I literally have butterflies in my stomach over this and they are going buck-wild!

Ok. I need to let that sink in...

This training is 10 years' worth of knowledge wrapped into one neat little bundle! That's pretty freaking phenomenal!!

I think I need to lie down!

This is a plan that is guaranteed to change your life and I am so, so thankful to finally be able to share it with you!

2 ways to Join The Rich Minimalist Family!

Payment Plan

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  • Gain access to the Rich Minimalist course on March 21!
  • Get the Rich Minimalist 4 Phase Action Plan
  • VIP Facebook access
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Clutter Coaching

Rich Minimalist


Most Popular

  • Gain access to the Rich Minimalist course on March 21!
  • Get the Rich Minimalist 4 Phase Action Plan
  • VIP Facebook access
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Clutter Coaching

Still feeling those butterflies?

Do a quick body check with me:

Butterflies in the tummy

Not sure if you're even breathing

All your muscles are tense

Biting your lip, nails, pen cap...

Got any of this going on right now?

If so, congratulations because...

All of these are signs that you are ready to "level up" in life!!

Our brain tries so hard to keep us in our comfort zone -- which is why so many people never actually chase big dreams, meet their goals or live life on their own terms!

You, my friend, are ready for more. I can feel it.

But, if you're still not convinced you're ready to "make the leap," let me provide a safety net!

With the RIch Minimalist course, you also get a

30 Day Money-back Pinky Promise!

One thing I strongly believe in is that no one should own something that they don't totally love.

If the Rich Minimalist course just doesn't seem to work for you, it's all good.

Just send us an email and we will get you your money back!



Get started now for only $297!
Give me the payment plan $80 x 4