Rich Minimalist

The 30-day plan to simplify your life, grow wealth and create a life of endless opportunity.





Rich Minimalist

The 30-day plan to simplify your life, grow wealth and create a life of endless opportunity.


I have a quick message for you!


Do you ever feel your life is like a movie on repeat?

You're always busy but at the end of the day, it feels like you didn't accomplish anything.

You try to manage your money but it’s always gone too quick.

You want to relax at home, but when you sit down, all you see are more things that require your attention.

Vacation is something you dream about but let's face it, vacation sometimes feels more stressful than daily life.

If this sounds all too familiar, you're not alone.

We live in a world that encourages us to hustle, and work hard without ever pausing to ask ourselves if we even like the things we are hustling for.

The good news is life doesn't have to look one certain way. Just because most people are living life in "hustle mode" doesn't mean you have to.

You can design a life unique to you that feels purposeful.

ZERO hustle required.

People will tell you it's not possible. Lucky for you, I know it is!


Imagine for a sec...

You wake up and go to a job that feels fulfilling, and purposeful.

 You always have money available when a new, exciting opportunity presents itself.

Your phone memory is filled with experiences, adventures, and memories you will cherish forever.

At the end of the day, you can truly find sanctuary in your home and you go to bed feeling grateful for the life you are living.

Most importantly, you are living the life you were born to live, you know it will make an impact on everyone around you and at the end of your days you can confidently say, "I lived my life to the fullest."


The good news is that no matter what you are feeling called to do or where you are feeling pulled toward change, I have created a very simple formula that works for practically everyone who desires to re-design their life.

Step 1: Alignment

Get clear about who you are, your secret sauce for living, and how you want to spend the rest of your time here.

Step 2: Elimination

Create space for the desires you have for your life by eliminating anything that stands to hold you back and doesn't align with the life you dream of.

Step 3: Simple Abundance

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of our dreams and aspirations need money to back them up. Creating a solid financial game plan to allow you more freedom and choices is your final key to success.


Rich Minimalist saved our family!

Back in 2015 we began to see that we had taken a few wrong turns in life.

These wrong turns lead to:

  • Constantly working and hustling for money
  • Being so busy we never got to spend quality time with our kids
  • Money fights and stress that almost ended our marriage
  • Staying in jobs that were unfulfilling and draining just to afford to live

By applying the steps that I share in the Rich Minimalist course within 3 years we were able to:

  • Create an extra $20,000 per year
  • Start an online business 
  • Fund amazing vacations 
  • Save our marriage and grow as individuals
  • Build deeper connections with our kids
  • Create infectious happiness within our home

I always grew up believing that life had to be a struggle, that it was even admirable to struggle. Now I see that we are meant to truly LIVE fulfilled, purposeful and simple lives.

We only get one chance at this thing afterall.



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What makes the Rich Minimalist method so different?

While there are courses, trainings, and programs all over the internet designed to motivate you toward change in the areas of mindset, simplification, and finance, I have yet to find any that combine all three of these in a way that creates aligned, lasting change.

That's why I designed the Rich Minimalist Trifecta.



It's time to slow down and get clear about what you want for the rest of your life. You tried playing the guessing game...but this is the life we are talking about! I will help you create clarity and perspective by helping you unleash your inner secret sauce that will continually motivate and inspire you to stay aligned with your newly designed game plan for life. 


By combining quick-start minimalist methods, we'll start letting go of anything that is holding you back from living a life of aligned purpose. Together we will create space in your home, schedule, and bank account so you can begin filling your life with the abundance you desire. Imagine the momentum you'll have once you shake loose the things holding you back.


No more being held back by your money! I will work to help you create a financial plan that works for you instead of against you! Without using the complicated, overwhelming terms that usually go along with money, I will guide you through a simple, hands-off method for building wealth to create freedom and flexibility so you can pivot into the life you want with ease.


You know they say the grass is greener where you water it?

That's true...but what if you have better things to do than water your grass?

What I mean is that while it is important to be thankful for our lives, people will often use metaphors like this to guilt us into not following a vision we have for a life that looks different from theirs. 

Chances are, if you're reading this, you have tried finding new ways to be happy.

Being grateful for what you have.

Making changes here and there.

A new hairstyle.

That vacation. can't shake the feeling that there is something bigger waiting for you.

If you haven't heard it yet, let me be the first to tell you, you deserve it.

Living a life that is fun, freeing, and fulfilling...YES, you deserve that.

We all do.

You just have to decide you want it bad enough to take action.


10 years simplified into 30 days!

The lessons in this course took an entire decade of trial and error to get right!

Rich Minimalist has been laid out in easy, bite-sized modules to help save time, save money, and save energy.

No more guessing games...just aligned, purpose-filled living starting now!

Over 20 Video Lessons

Bite-size video lessons you can do in less than 15 minutes a day!

Hands-on Guide Book

Worksheets designed to help you gain clarity & stay organized.

Transformative Tools

Powerful mindset shifting tools & simple money systems that work!

Quick-win Strategies

Gain momentum faster so you can start getting to where you want to go!

And, as an added bonus!!

VIP Facebook Access

Join a like-minded community designed to encourage and uplift you the whole way! Ask questions, share wins, and all-around feel supported!

Email Check-Ins from me

Get guidance and support from me as you work your way through the course! Added tips and bonus material so you know you will succeed!


What would change for you if:

  • You had a home that felt more peaceful and required less attention and cleaning.
  • Your calendar was filled only with events and experiences that enhance your life rather than stealing your energy.
  • You had a bank account that was no longer stopping you from truly living but instead allowed you more freedom.


The teachings within Rich Minimalist are designed to help you achieve all of these things!


 Get support. Get guidance. Have a safe space to share your journey with people who get it!


Let's break down the cost of the Rich Minimalist course

  • Lessons in simplifying (valued at $1,000)
  • Financial trainings (valued at $1,000)
  •  Mindset Transformation Tools (Valued at $1,000)
  • Hands-on Guide Book (valued at $50)
  • VIP Facebook Group (valued at $200 per year)
  • Private email check-ins (valued at $1,000) 

Total value: $4,250

Your price: $297!

There is no denying that the time and money that this course can save you go way beyond $4K but to make sure this information was extra-accessible, I wanted to make the cost knock-your-socks-off affordable!

The truth is, the time and struggle this course can save you is priceless!

Yes, you will be beefing up your bank account so quickly, it will be like you never even bought the course -- but the real value is in the energy you will save by having a game plan for success right at your fingertips instead of spending the next decade of your life stuck in a loop of trial and error.


So what are you waiting for?

Remember, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and your whole life to gain!