Hear me out...

Do you ever feel like you are constantly moving, but never really going anywhere?

You show up, go to work, check things off your list, do all the grown up stuff, try to squeeze in some fun here and there but you can't help but wonder...

"Is this all there is?"

Your house feels overrun with clutter.

You never have time to just relax.

You're not sure if you even know how to relax anymore.

And you can't shake the feeling that you're missing something in your life.

If this sounds spot on, don't worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel, my friend.



Truth: You didn't really choose this life.

   Did you know that a good chunk of our life is pre-determined for us before we're even born?

The things our parents and grandparents did deeply impact the beliefs we have and how we inevitably wind up living.

With good intentions, we are raised by people who ingrain their beliefs about life into our subconscious so much so that we can lose touch with our own intuitive guidance system. (IGS)

Ignoring our IGS leads to:

  • Hustling toward goals that are out of alignment which means we're always unsatisfied.
  • Settling for temporary happiness with things like shopping, drinking, or numbing out with TV.
  • Relying on other people's opinions for what is best for our lives.

This is how we get stuck in those cycles of hustle and accumulation.

So how do we break free?

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Remember: Don't go big!


You know what happens when you get a burning desire to create massive change in your life, right?

You get super psyched, go hard, and then crash into a pit of despair.

Maybe you don't even take action because it all just feels too overwhelming.

Am I right?

The key is in intentional, minimal steps.

You don't have to "leap without a net" to pivot your life in the direction you want it to go.

It's all about tiny changes in the right direction.

  • Step 1: Connect to your IGS so you gain clarity about the life you want.
  • Step 2: Create options and clarity by decluttering your physical space.
  • Step 3: Become buddies with money, so your options become endless!
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Leave it all behind...


Did you know one of the biggest death bed regrets is this:

"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me."

 How to tell someone else designed your life:

  • You struggle with "shoulding" on yourself. (I should have this by now. I should be doing this.)
  • You constantly give into impulse buys.
  • You can't seem to get ahead with money.
  • You feel like something is off

Chances are, if you are living your life out of alignment, you already know it in your gut.

I know I did...

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Who am I?

Hey there, I'm Renee!

It wasn't until I got everything I wanted that I was forced to wake up and realize none of it was actually making me happy.

Not the house.

Not my pant size.

Not even my job.

Coming face to face with this reality forced me to pause for the first time in my life and ask the question,

"What do I really want for my life?"

By applying minimalist practices to my stuff, life, schedule and money I have been able to turn my life around completely and can truly say I am happier than I ever thought possible.

Now, I want to teach you how!


How the Minimalist Reset works:

  •  Alignment. I will guide you through the process of connecting with yourself and uncovering your unique Success Key so you can tap into your own endless supply of motivation.
  • Elimination. I'll walk you through some of the quickest ways to clear clutter from your life both physically and mentally with ZERO regrets so you can focus your energy on the things that really matter.
  • Simple Money. Let's face it, money is one of those things that can kill a dream dead in its tracks. I'll help you flip your relationship with money and show you how to use it as a tool instead of a setback.

Quite literally, the only thing it takes to go from busy to blissful is the decision to make it happen!

And remember, I'm here to help you the whole way!

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Take it to the next level!


To make sure you feel totally supported on this journey, you will also gain access to my Minimalist Manifest mini challenge that will teach you how to declutter your home in alignment with the goals you have for your life!


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You might be thinking...

This sounds awesome, but I seriously don't have time!

I get it, that's why Minimalist Reset has been simplified to the MAX!

  • 10 minutes a day. Each video lesson is 10 minutes or less and can even be listened to while you workout or commute.
  • Bonus energy boost! I know you're already doing so much, which is why there is an entire section designed to get you more time and energy with as little effort as possible!

The Minimalist Reset is designed to make life easier, not harder.


What's all inside?

We all learn differently, which is why The Alignment Reset lets you be as hands-on as you want.

  •  Daily video. Get 10 minutes daily videos that you can take on the go.
  • Self growth. Understand new ways of connecting with yourself so you can take aligned action every day.
  • Journal prompts. We retain so much information simply by writing things down, so you can really deepen your experience.
  • Step by step simplification. I will guide you through the best way to get time, money and energy back in your life with zero overwhelm or anxiety.

Remember, this is your journey, which means you get to choose which tools are going to work the best for you!

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There will never be a perfect time...

One big lie we all believe that stops us from changing our life is that there will be a better time to take action.

 But let me tell you, when you have those butterflies in your stomach and you're feeling a little nervous...but also excited...that is a sign you need to ACT NOW!

 This is your body speaking to you.

Don't keep putting off your life. 

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What peeps are saying...

"Getting into the minimalist mindset. I have been getting rid of stuff everyday!"

"Life got overwhelming and I stopped doing everything extra. I shouldn't have stopped the course because it is exactly what I needed."

"I just completed the first section and I am pumped!"

Imagine if everything you ever wanted was available to you right now.

You wake up feeling excited to start your day.

You go to bed knowing you left an impact.

You spend your time doing things that light you up and feel on purpose.

You spend your energy on people who energize you.

Alignment in your life is possible, the first step is being willing to make it happen!


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When you join today you will get immediate access to...

  •  Over 20 Daily videos designed to help you take internal and external steps toward alignment. 
  • Journal prompts to help you deepen your understanding of yourself and what you want for your life.
  • Worry-free ways to free up time space and energy.
  • Easy to understand money tips to make your money work harder than you do.
  • Access to the Minimalist Manifest mini challenge.
  • Consciousness coaching to help you align with your soul's purpose and deepest desire.
  • Practical guidance on creating a home, life and schedule that feels easy, freeing and aligned with you.
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   I know you might be thinking, "Life coaching costs thousands of dollars! Money coaching costs thousands of dollars...What's this gonna cost me?!" 

I get it.

That's why I have taken this power-packed course available for THOUSANDS less than it's worth because everybody deserves to get the training, tools and guidance required to live a life of purpose, and passion.

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