The 4 step plan for ditching your shopping addiction, living with purpose, and building wealth that's bigger than stuff.

Are you tired of...


  • Mindlessly adding things to your cart only to be hit with regret when the packages hit your doorstep?
  • Never feeling happy with your purchases for longer than a day?
  • Cringing every time you open your banking app?
  • Telling yourself you just need "one more thing" to be happy?
  • Feeling like you're the only one whose falling behind in life?

If so, I have once been in your clearance rack shoes, my friend!

Uh, yup. That's me!

Hey there, I'm Renee

For years I used to live paycheck to paycheck and even though I was broke, I couldn't wait to spend money as soon as payday hit.

In 2014 I decided it was time to design a life that made me happier than a SALE sign.

Since finding balance with shopping, I have been able to built a multi-million dollar investment plan for my husband and I, start the business of my dreams, travel the US, and be happier than I ever thought possible.

OMG I want that too!

Dream with me for a sec...

Just imagine:

  • You open your banking app and smile because there's plenty of cash in it!
  • You actually have a savings, and it feels so good to watch those 0's grow.
  • You don't have to turn down last minute plans with friends because you're too broke.
  • You can still double tap on purchases that light you up without the financial fallout afterward.

I know it can feel impossible, but balance between saving, spending, and sanity is totally possible, and I want to show you how!

I am so ready for this!


Shopping Rehab

The 4 step plan for ditching your shopping addiction, living with purpose, and building wealth that's bigger than stuff.

What's Inside the Course? 

  • The Shopaholic Formula. How marketers are getting us to overspend and how to stay one step ahead.
  • High Maintenance Shopping. Why going cold turkey on spending never works. How to become a high maintenance spender instead.
  • Freeing Finances. The liberating ways to get more money in your life without obsessing over a budget.

Why Shopping Rehab?

  • This isn't your grandpa's bank account. Sure, money gurus have been teaching how to pinch pennies for years, but those outdated practices don't pertain to modern day spending. Instead, Shopping Rehab focuses on finding balance with spending so you don't feel deprived.
  • Math nerds need not apply. You do not need a Type A brain to be able to apply these easy money moves to your life. There are better things to do than spend your life crunching numbers, which is why Shopping Rehab focuses on teaching set-it-an d forget-it finances.
  • You come first. This isn't a strict program where you have to follow all of the rules to a T or you will fail. Your life is yours, and Shopping Rehab is designed to help you truly live it. It's time to ditch financial fallouts and impulse spending for deeper meaning and daily fulfillment.

You deserve a life that truly feels rich AF!

Let's freaking go!

Words from Rehab

What's Included?


You had better believe I want you to make an informed purchase. In order to make that happen, let's answer a few of the biggest Shopping Rehab questions...

Ready to change the way you shop?

Embrace a life of purpose, fun, and financial freedom. Remember, life's too short to spend it being broke!


Shopping Rehab


What this gets you:

  • 20+ Video Lessons and bonus audio downloads so you can listen on the go!
  • 15 Journal prompts and worksheets to help you optimize your healing.
  • 60 Page Shopping Rehab eBook
  • Hands off wealth building so you can make money work harder than you do.
  • BONUS Debt Payoff Playbook and Printouts