How to ditch impulse spending, quit being broke and start funding your dream life.

Sound Familiar... 

  • You swipe items into your cart in a fog, only to be hit with regret when you tap "Buy".
  • You cringe each time you open your banking app or credit card statement. Where did all my money go? 
  • Even when you're broke, you still plan what you'll buy the next time you get paid.
  • You've been known to have packages arrive on your doorstep and you have no idea what's inside. OMG what did I buy this time? 

If this all sounds too familiar, the good news is Shopping Rehab is designed to help you create balance with spending so you can still enjoy the occasional splurge without the fallouts!


Shopping Rehab

Shopping Rehab is a downloadable digital guide & online course designed to help you kick your shopping addiction and create a life with true financial freedom!

In Shopping Rehab you'll learn how to:

  • Ditch guilt around spending, boost your spending fund and still have money in the bank
  • Understand your shopping triggers and how stores are marketing to you, so you can stay one step ahead
  • Learn how to be a high maintenance shopper so you stop going home regretting your purchases
  • Get guidance on paying off debt from over-spending and how to boost your credit in only 5 minutes per month!

There is freedom from shopping addiction and Shopping Rehab is the key!





Learn how to:

  • Learn how to keep more money in your life so you can finally get comfortable checking your balances without feeling sick.
  • Start funding your dream vacays, life goals, and experiences while still without ditching fun spending!
  • Get ahead of marketing trends, and sneaky tactics that are making you spend more so you are no longer a shopping victim.
  • Pay off debt without stress and beef up your credit score in only 5 minutes per month.

Imagine if...

  • You still have all the things you want, without any of the money guilt
  • You can say yes to more last minute experiences and getaways because you have a fully-funded bank account
  • You have upped your money mindset and refuse to settle for less than the best!
  • You can swipe your card without any stress

Create a life with peace around spending so that you can get back to focusing on living your life. Shopping Rehab can make it happen!


What will life look like when...

  • You can casually drop money on new purchases knowing you won't be paying for it later.
  • Your friends want to take a last minute vacation getaway and you can actually say YES!
  • Your credit score is working behind-the-scenes to improve your credit -- but you have no more debt to your name!
  • You start living your life in a state of abundance rather than constantly feeling strapped for cash.

If this is the kind of life you dream of, Shopping Rehab was made for you!


I know what you're thinking...

I don't want to have to cut back or be restrictive with my spending.

Life is short and I just want to be able to enjoy it by spending my money how I want.

I already try to manage my money and nothing seems to work.

I don't want to be someone who counts all their pennies, and clips coupons. If that's what it takes, I give up...

These are all thoughts that used to cycle through my head on a daily basis, that's why I want to make a promise to you... 


❌ Restrictive money saving or frugal "hacks" ❌

❌ No spend challenges or spending freezes ❌

❌ Tips on how to cut back on Starbucks ❌

Shopping Rehab is designed to help you enjoy your life, find liberation in spending and learn the easy ways to build wealth without depriving yourself!

Hey there, I'm Renee, & I'm a shopaholic.

For the majority of my life, shopping was what I used as my main stress reliever.

I used to love going shopping with my mom, grandma and girlfriends. I got such a rush from going to the mall and scooping up anything I thought was cute or that made me smile.

I also spent nearly 2 decades feeling the after-shock of overspending. I would spend so much I didn't have money for gas, or food. I would scrimp, and stress and barely get by only to finally get paid again and spend it all as fast as I could.

Finally I hit rock bottom and had to admit that shopping all the time wasn't actually the stress reliever I thought it was... in fact it was making my day to day life way more stressful.

That's when I decided to get more high maintenance with my money. Now I am able to shop when I feel like it, while still being able to afford, food, and gas -- not to mention vacations and nights out whenever I want!

Shopping Rehab is the key to uncovering how to create balance with spending so you have fewer stressful days and more money in the bank!


Raves from Shopping Rehab

Getting Started:

Shopping Rehab is an easy to use guide and course that will help you get on top of your spending for good in a way that still feels fun!

Build a spending fund that fits your lifestyle.

Beef up your bank account.

Ditch debt.

Create a credit boost plan.

Start enjoying your life -- no money stress required.

Life is too short to spend being broke. Shopping Rehab is your ticket to true freedom!


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  • 50+ Shopping Rehab Guide Book
  • Worksheets + Journal Prompts
  • BONUS Budget + Debt Printouts

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  • Everything included in the Starter Kit
  • 13 Video Lessons
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