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Tired of feeling broke?

Let me guess...

  • As soon as your paycheck hits, you are already spending money.
  • You are constantly looking for excuses to swipe your card and "treat yourself".
  • On the outside people might think you LOVE shopping, but they don't see the fallout that happens when you get home.
  • There are so many times when you want to book a last minute vacation, treat a friend to dinner, or fix your car but you can't because you've already spent everything.

"Where did all my money go?"

If you're tired of falling victim to shopping sprees and credit card debt and are finally ready to do something about it, then you are in the right place.

OMG Help me!

Is shopping really making you happy?


Did you know that when we over-consume dopamine, our brains will match us with an even BIGGER fallout of depression?

This means that every time you swipe your card and get that hit of "happy," it won't be long before the crash comes to keep you in check. AKA Buyer's Remorse

Instead of this yo-yo method of spending and crashing, why not put a plan in place that allows you to spend without the fallout?

I'm in!

📱No more scrolling social media wishing you had an influencer's life, but instead you settle for buying their stuff.

🌟 SPOILER ALERT: Buying an influencer's outfit of the day won't bring you any closer to living a life like theirs.

👉🏽 Shopping Rehab will help you stop playing it small and start building a life that feels better than a package at the door.

OMG Help me!

Hey there, I'm Renee

For years I used to live paycheck to paycheck. Even though I was broke, I couldn't wait to spend money as soon as payday hit.

In just 12 months, I paid off my $10K credit card debt, and pre-planned a 2 week road trip with my family to celebrate.

Now I have a multi-million dollar investment plan, take regular vacations, work fewer hours, and still enjoy the ocassional spending splurge!

Tell me how!!

Imagine if...

  • You can open your banking app with confidence. 
  • You no longer have money stress when you fall asleep at night.
  • You can say YES to last minute trips and experiences with friends.
  • You don't have to hide purchases from your partner or lie about your spending.
  • You can shop with peace knowing you've got money in the bank.

🫠 If you're drowning in credit card debt, and can't seem to stop spending, ask yourself, "Can I really afford to keep this up?"

I am so ready for this!


Shopping Rehab

What's Inside the Course? 


🛍️Module 1: Shopaholic Foundations

In this first section of the course we'll go through:

  • Why your brain is wired for over-spending.
  • How to re-wire your mind without meditation or endless affirmations

🛍️ Module 2: Closing the Gap

Did you know most people who struggle with shopping addiction have a bigger gap between who they want to be and who they see themselves to be? That's why in Module 2, we will work to apply simple techniques that will help you close this gap by:

  • Understanding why type of gap you have.
  • Working to connect to your future self so you are living from long-term high vibration and slowing your impulses in the now.

🛍️ Module 3: High Maintenance Shopper

When we overspend, we are trying to fill one of our un-met needs which keeps us in a scarcity mindset, operating at a low vibration. In this section we will work to shift your beliefs and up-level your mindset so you are spending from a higher vibe place. AKA less impulse shopping regrets!

  • How to get high maintenance and why it's actually a really good thing.
  • Applying a dating mindset to shopping so that you only come home with the best.

🛍️ Module 4: Making Money Work

Changing your financial habits is 90% mindset, 10% actual work. WHEW! Now that we've done the work on your higher self, it's time to break down the easy-to-implement strategies for paying off debt, building wealth, and spending without guilt.

Why working more will not solve your problems and how to get more money in your life without extra hours on the job.

Automated systems to make your money work for you around the clock, not the other way around.

 How is Shopping Rehab different?

  • This isn't your grandpa's bank account. No more listening to outdated gurus who tell you the only way to get ahead is to postpone joy and cut back on the things you love. Shopping Rehab is about focusing first on the things you love, and then building your life and spending around them.
  • No coupon clipping required. A lot of us have been taught that savings apps, coupons, and sales signs are how we save money. In Shopping Rehab we stop settling for $5 savings and start aiming for millionaire mindset living.
  • You are the designer. There is no one size fits all program for humans. You are unique, and amazing in your own way. That's why Shopping Rehab is designed to help you learn more about you, how you spend, and what you need to do to build a life that feels better adding to your cart ever did!

You deserve a life that truly feels rich AF! Shopping Rehab is your first step.

Let's freaking go!

Words from Rehab

What's Included?


I want you to make an informed purchase. If you have questions, take the time to read through and get some answers so you can be sure you are investing in something that is truly going to work for you!

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand why you overspend, and how to stay a step ahead. 
  • Have an action plan for living the life you want.
  • Be armed with tools for slowing spending without restriction.
  • Have an automated credit-boosting, debt payoff plan.
  • Watch your bank account grow, even when you shop.

Going cold turkey on shopping doesn't work, time to learn what does!

I am so ready for this!

Closeout Sale Ends Soon!

Get the course for 50% off now!









Life is too precious to spend it being broke!

Shopping Rehab is the key to creating balance.


Shopping Rehab Full Suite

Best investment

  • 35+ Lessons and audio downloads so you can listen or watch from anywhere!
  • 20+ Journal prompts and worksheets to help you optimize your healing.
  • Automated Systems to pay off debt, build wealth, and fund your shopping sprees.
  • How to bring in more money without working more.
  • BONUS Experience Accelerator: How to build a travel fund so you can book the trip without the guilt ($200 Value)
  • BONUS! Access to coaching sessions, Q&A and the Shopping Rehab video vault ($1,300 Value)

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