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Did 2020 shake your world and make you re-evaluate how you've been showing up for your one life?

Are you feeling pulled toward radical change but have no clue how to get moving?

Do you know the path you are currently on is the wrong one and you are readier than ever to change direction?

Tired of searching the internet and self-help books trying to find a solution?

If so, you are not alone, my friend!

So many people got a wake-up call after 2020 and can now hear their purpose calling them louder than ever. Unfortunately, it can be tough to sort through what that purpose is and how to make it happen. That's why I have created a step-by-step plan to help you get started!


Psychologist Carl Jung studied the awakening of consciousness in people and found that most of us will only be awakened to our higher calling after major life events or traumas.

For me this meant the death of my dad, holding my grandma's hand as she passed, almost losing my son to a rare illness, and the loss of my stepdad.

And now, we are in the midst of a global awakening after all of the events since Covid 19.

If you are someone who has been shaken into the awakening of your purpose you are probably:

  • Questioning all of your life choices
  • Recognizing that you chased a lot of the wrong things
  • Bought into other people's ideas for your life
  • Feeling weighed down by the knowledge of all of this

If this sounds like you, I just want to let you know there is hope and a way of connecting to your higher self and your purpose that doesn't have to feel stressful or overwhelming.


Believe it or not, pausing and stopping to ask yourself what you want for your life is the first step toward living the life of purpose and passion that you dream of.

This can make a lot of us feel guilty, especially if we have a really great life that other people are envious of.

The truth is, we can get really good at living a life that we are out of alignment with which is what makes it so hard to walk away from.

We can seem to "have it all," by other people's standards of what success should look like, but oftentimes we never pause to ask ourselves what our own idea of success is.

The reason this happens is because true fulfillment never actually comes from stuff, titles, or accomplishments. That's why we often miss out on that feeling of purpose along the road to "success" that we are told to follow.

Believe me. I tried.

In 2015 we had our dream house in our dream neighborhood.

On the outside, everything looked picture-perfect.

We had attractive family photos, my photography business was booming and the icing on top was the big house in the culdusac.

But let me tell you, once you get everything you thought you were supposed to get to be have no choice but to come to terms with the fact that you're still missing something.

For our family, the time and money it took to maintain the house felt suffocating. We wanted to travel and explore more with our kids.

I wanted work that didn't take me away from my family every weekend.

We had to face the cold hard truth that we had made some wrong turns and I knew, if we were truly going to live a life of purpose and fulfillment, I would need to do whatever it took to help my family change the course.

Even though I was afraid of what other people would think when we chose to give up the "perfect life," I knew it was what I was being called to do.



Getting Into


The absolute first step you need to take in order to begin to create the life you are called to live is to get specific about what that life is going to look like.

Even if you feel like you don't really know what you want, I promise you, your subconscious mind has a crystal clear idea.

By the end of the Unstoppable Purpose program you will have cleared away confusion and will gain clarity on what you want for the big picture of your life.


Accelerate the


Just like a ship that is on its way to a tropical destination, you will meet your goals so much faster if you aren't being weighed down by a ton of baggage!

Chances are you have a lot of stuff, beliefs, and things on your to-do list that is slowing you down and holding you back from achieving that purpose-filled life you desire.

With a few quick wins you will instantly feel lighter, more free, and be ready to take on the world!


Funding your


Let's face it, as much as we hate to admit it, money holds us back from SO MUCH in life!

Whether you have a ton of debt, no clue how to manage money, or are terrible at saving anything, by the end of the program I will have showed you my proven formula for financial success that is hands-off and easy to master.

Most importantly the process will be effective in helping you fund your transition into a life of purpose and possibilities!


None of those dreams you have (big or small) are too far out of reach.

What if those things we dream of doing, seeing, having, or accomplishing with our lives were put on our hearts before we were born?

What if the things you won't let yourself believe are possible were actually written into your destiny -- the only catch is, you have to be willing to go after them?!

What then?

Would you show up and start believing that you are deserving of these things?

  • Taking a month off to backpack through Europe
  • Working from your laptop from a cabin with beautiful views of the sunset
  • Having so much financial abundance that you can provide for yourself and those that you love the most
  • Leaving that job that is draining your energy in persuit of something that makes you feel on purpose
  • Being able to be that friend who casually says, "Don't worry, dinner is on me."

None of these things are far-fetched or out of reach and you are deserving of all of them. The first step is deciding that you are done shrinking down when you were born to take up space and fully experience this one, amazing life you have been given.   

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 Does this sound like you...?

  • You know your ennegram

  • You've looked up the Love Language of you and every significant other you have ever had

  • You are totally familiar with your horoscope

  • You know if you are an extrovert or an introvert

  • You even took that test to find out what kind of sandwich you would be and mayyybe you even asked Google what your purpose is

Doing all of these things can be so helpful (and totally fun) to help you get a better idea of who you are and why you like the things that you do, but the truth is, there is no test or scoring system that can tell you the purposeful desires that have been laid on your heart.

In 30 days (or less) you can gain the clarity and connection that no online test can ever give you.

+ Ditch the guessing game! If you are tired of scouring the internet, scrolling social media, or watching TikTok videos desperately trying to understand how someone else managed to get the life you want then look no further, because I literally put the game plan right at your scroll-happy fingertips.

Get a steady drip of true fulfillment. Instead of settling for those quick bursts of joy you get when a new package gets delivered or when you get to binge-watch your favorite show, you will learn to build a life of small joys and BIG purpose.

+ Take more off your plate. Each lesson in the Unstoppable Purpose program is designed to feel like a weight has been lifted. Instead of adding one more thing to your to-do list, you will feel more freedom, more focus, and more abundance with each new video lesson.


Hey there! I'm Renee!

Besides being someone that totally over-uses the exclamation mark -- I am also the blogger and owner behind The Fun Sized Life that has been read by over 2 million readers and has been featured on top minimalist blogs and podcasts.

I started documenting our journey back in 2017 and have heard from, met, and worked with so many people whose lives are forever changed by me sharing our story and what we did to go from house poor to debt-free part-time travelers!

In fact, I kept getting so many questions about how we made these amazing changes in our lives that I decided to put them all in one easy-to find location!

I am so freaking thankful that our struggles and hardships have been able to culminate into this amazing 30-day program that gives others a way "out" of that same hustle and grind we once found ourselves living in.

Won't it be amazing when...

Your phone memory is jam-packed with amazing photos, videos, and proof of the experiences you have been having!

You are crossing new things off that Bucket List all the time!

You finally feel present and happier in every moment of your life!

You live a life where your bank account isn't holding you back anymore, but instead, it is accelerating you forward!

You make it to the end of your life with absolutely NO regrets because you know you lived life to the absolute fullest?


Get a clearer vision for your life in 30 days!

The video lessons in Unstoppable Purpose are designed to be simple, easy to get through, but crazy effective when it comes to helping you create a clearer picture for yourself and what you want for your life.

Now, you may not be in Bali in 30 days, unless you have some secret nest egg you never told me about! But, I know you will have made massive transformations in just 20 minutes or less each day. 

You don't have to spend your time sitting in the discomfort of guessing why you're unhappy. Instead, I will help you create a clear picture of what it is that is holding you back from being your authentic self and living your life unapologetically on your terms.

You know that feeling of when you have been holding your breath underwater for a long time and then you finally burst to the surface and take in a big inhale?! It feels a little something like that.


What's included:

Simple video lessons

Hands-on Guide Book

Transformative Tools

Customized Action Plan

What other Purpose Seekers had to say...

When you join you get:

  • 19 Powerful, easy to follow video trainings
  • A hands-on guidebook so you can maximize each lesson
  • Quick win strategies so you can pick up momentum quickly
  • The exact blueprint for building wealth and growing in abundance
  • Email check-ins from me so you have total support
  • BONUS: 4 Deep-dive Mind Master trainings to transform your mindset, raise your energy and help you make massive shifts in your life
  • BONUS: Access to the VIP Facebook group only for group members where you can ask questions, interact with like-minded individuals, and get additional support from me!

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What makes Unstoppable Purpose different?

There are so many different programs and online courses available that teach things like:

  • How to simplify your home
  • Improving your mindset
  • Masting your money
  • Finding your purpose

What I felt was missing was the fact that all of these things were isolated from one another.

In reality, everything we do is intertwined in every area of our lives.

The Unstoppable Purpose Trifecta

The most effective way to create lasting change in our lives is to make the major components work together.


By aligning your mindset to gain clarity into who you are and what you are capable of, you are able to tap into the most powerful resource you have available: your own mind! Holding your mindset in an aligned place will allow you to move through the next steps of the program with more ease and determination.


At its core minimalism is designed to de-clutter an overwhelmed, over-worked, over-stuffed life into a life, home, and schedule that allows for room to grow, flexibility for change, and a life where you are only surrounded by things that bring you true contentment.


Now that you have aligned your mind with your inner-most calling, created space for abundance, and lifted a weight off your shoulders, you can begin to tackle the biggest dream killer of them all: money. Without complicated statistics or a ton of math, we will create a plan to amp-up your financial wealth so that you can fully fund your life of freedom with ease!

What I have designed Unstoppable Purpose to be is an easy-to-follow program that guides you from start to finish through the entire process of changing your life in a way that feels manageable, exciting, and on-purpose in every area of your life.

What's the total investment for Unstoppable Purpose?

Although private one on one coaching sessions that offer the same kind of transformation can range from $1,000 - $10,000+, I wanted Unstoppable Purpose to be affordable to anyone!!

No one should be missing out on information that is designed to help them achieve their own version of success!

You'll get:

  • 19 video modules ($1,000 value)
  • 4 Mind Master trainings ($1,000 value)
  • A hands-on guidebook ($50 value)
  • Quick-win strategies ($500 value)
  • Wealth building blueprint ($1,000)
  • Email check-ins ($1,000)
  • Access to the VIP Facebook group only for Rich Minimalist family members ($500)

The immense value that is jam-packed in this program is easily worth over $5,000!!!

Because I want you to have access to all the information in this program without having to stress over the sticker price,

I have cut back the cost of the Unstoppable Purpose 30 Day Program to $5,500 $197!

We're talking information and tools that could:

  • Free you from a job you hate
  • Create more time in your day to do the things you want to do
  • Transform your home into a place of solitude that totally feels like you
  • Upgrade your mental health and stress levels
  • Give you the tools to build wealth on autopilot and create income from anywhere!

Living in alignment with the life you were MADE to live and designing a life of total freedom for only $197 is pretty ahhhmazing if you ask me!


There are so many people, so many reasons, so many excuses not to go for the thing you want to go for, but like I said before...this dream is on your heart for a reason.

You came here with a passion and a purpose and if you aren't living it, you are doing yourself and the entire world a disservice!

I know it can be so scary making a leap into the unknown...but if it makes you feel any better...this isn't really a leap. This is a laid-out plan to help ease you into your transformation -- and I will be holding your hand the whole way...unless you'd prefer your space. I get that. This is all about you anyway!

I have seen too many people reach the end of their days (sometimes sooner than planned) and they barely scratched the surface of truly living life on their terms.

Don't spend your life pleasing someone else.

Don't waste your time in areas of your life that suck your joy and drain your energy.

You deserve true, honest joy.

You deserve to chase your dreams...and actually catch them.

People will try to squash your dreams or make you believe they aren't's not their fault. They never chased theirs.

The good news is, you don't have to follow in their footsteps. You can pave your own trail!

The thing is, when that fire is in your have got to listen to it!! If you don't make the leap when your heart is begging you to, chances are you'll talk yourself out of it.

So if your emotions are running wild. Your heart is pounding and you're pretty sure you're not even breathing anymore, let me give you that gentle nudge to tell you...this is your sign!

Right here, if you're reading these words, this is your sign that your life is ready for you to take the plunge into bigger and better things!


The Facebook Community

Starting a new way of living (especially if most people aren't doing it) can be difficult! Get connected to people who are on a similar journey in the VIP Facebook group. Gain support from like-minded individuals as well as myself so that you have cheerleaders, coaches, and a mini family supporting you even if no one in your "real life" is!

Mindset Mastery

There is so much power behind your mind! You can follow the steps to any program, but if your mind isn't backing you up, your progress is going to be hindered! That's why I have made sure to include top-notch mindset trainings so that you have all your best tools working for you at the same time!

It's time to call your own shots!

That little voice that keeps telling you there is something better waiting for knows what's up.

Life doesn't have to be as complicated as everyone makes us believe.

The Unstoppable Purpose program will help you simplify and transform every area of your life so you can design the life you want in just 30 days!


Did you have a question?

You've made it this far!

You've read about the life, space, and financial transformations that are possible.

You've heard about the bonus trainings and support you'll be gaining.

And you've learned that this is a tried and tested method for transforming your life!

So what are you waiting for?

Come join our Unstoppable Purpose fam!! I can't wait to greet you with open arms! 


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