Ep 38: Triggers in Parenting and How We Don't Have to Do It Alone with Jen Lumanlan

Today I'm sitting down with Jen Lumanlan, the host of the Your Parenting Mojo podcast to talk about why we get mad at our kids and what we can learn about our own triggers when we do. This is a revolutionary way to look at parenting and sheds a whole new light on how to show up bigger for ourselves and our kids.

Doing a deeper dive into our vices can help us learn so much about ourselves and what it is that we are hiding from -- and learning why they are there is the first step in actually letting go of them.

 How to Tame Triggers Around Your Child's Behavior: https://yourparentingmojo.com/triggersmasterclass/?oprid=2130&ref=15368

Taming Your Triggers Workshop