Best Books for Self Growth During Covid-19

books covid Aug 23, 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I have started reading and listening to way more books. One question I get asked a lot is about what books I am currently reading or what some of my favorites are. So, I figured, what better reading list to share with you than the 20+ books that I have read since going into quarantine in March 2020. These are mostly self-growth and development books, with a few memoirs and business-type books mixed in!

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Double the books

One of the best things I have done to consume more books during this pandemic has been to take advantage of an Audible membership. If you don't have one, I highly recommend giving it a try. 

I share more on The Fun Sized Life how I have managed to consume 2 books per week with both regular books and audiobooks. Learn how to read more.

Now, without further delay, let's dive into my Covid-19 reading list.

Everything is Figureoutable

I had heard about Marie Forleo so often. In fact, I probably should have let myself understand exactly who she was way earlier because as it turns out, she's basically everything I want to be.

Everything is Figureoutable is pretty self-explanatory. Marie talks about life running a popular style magazine, becoming a hip hop dance sensation, starting her own life coaching business and failing...a lot. But...getting back up again.

Learn more about life coaching with me.


You Are a Badass at Making Money

I have read You Are a Badass at Making Money before, however, I think I wasn't quite ready fot its powerful message way back when. When I first read the book I was deep in the middle of our debt payoff journey and basically stopped listening to her when she said she used credit cards. 

I know understand and deeply appreciate the deeper meaning behind Jen Sincero's book. Looking beyond the debt, I see how she is hoping to instill the belief of looking at money without fear. (Which so many of us struggle to do.)

Building a Story Brand

As someone who has started an online business, I truly wish I had gotten the simplicity of Building a Story Brand a long, long time ago.

If you are a business owner who struggles to bring in clients or find a way to explain what it is you do in less than 5 seconds, I highly recommend taking advantage of the easy marketing techniques in this book! 

Wishes Fulfilled

This is one of my absolute favorite books, although I caution people to tread lightly when reading it because I think it can quickly go challene people's beliefs and be misinterpreted.

As someone who was raised in the church hearing things like, "We are all born sinners." There never felt like much encouragement to better myself or feel good about myself. Being told over and over again that I am a sinner and that it was just my nature to sin I kind of lived in a state of shame.

Wishes Fulfilled flips this belief on its butt and reminded me that in fact, I am made in God's image and am capable of doing amazing things through his power. 

Girl, Stop Apologizing

Again, here is a book that I have read 3 times. Juggling motherhood and self is not easy. It can feel overwhelming to want to chase my own dream while raising children and the whole world seems to be ready to shame you for it.

In Girl, Stop Apologizing, there are little reminders to be true to yourself and that improving yourself and chasing your dream will inspire your children to do the same.

The Middle Finger Project

I. loved. this. book. When I saw the title at Barnes and Nobel the quarantine orders had just went into place, and I felt like I was living in a post-apocalypse movie plot. The Middle Finger Project seemed to call to me and when I read that it helped with Imposter Syndrome, I was in!

This book reads like a comical memoir with a twist of real-life sadness. Ultimately you'll feel inspired to chase your dream because at the end of the day you only stand to gain from doing so.

Dare to Lead

If Brene Brown is not someone who instantly makes your heart feel lighter, then we probably can't be friends. Just kidding. We totally can. But, I truly love her. I have had Dare to Lead on my metaphorical bookshelf for some time now and decided to give it a go during COVID.

Admittedly it is not my favorite of Brene's books, but it's definitely great if you are working to stand in a leadership position. I felt like it pertained mostly to the work environment, however, I had a friend who felt like she could implement some of the ideas into helping her family run more efficiently. 

The Four Agreements

Want to learn to better understand human behavior with a super quick read? The Four Agreements just might be your book. It's a very simple book once you get into it and can help you focus in on 4 areas of your life to become more aware of.

Although the book started out talking about how life is a dream and we can change our got a little less...ummm...trippy?!

Definietly a quick read that helps you think a little bit more broadly.

Hold On But Don't Hold Still

If you are a mom, there is a good chance you have already seen or heard of Kristina Kuzmic. She has always had a comical way of making motherhood seem like we are all in it together. In her book, Hold On But Don't Hold Still she talks about divorce, single parenting, hot dogs with Oprah and how cooking for other people got her out of depression.

This book made me giggle, tugged at my heartstrings, and made me respect Kristina so much more. It's not often to see a woman continue to speak kindly about an ex-husband while also trying to write a book about divorcing him. She did that elegantly as well as everything else in my opinion.

Buy the F*cking Lillies

Reparenting. That was the word that sucked me in. Buy the F*cking Lillies author Tara Schuster will most likely make you feel pretty amazing about your disfunctional family. Although she admittedly says that she was never beat or abused, the mental trauma from childhood was something she needed to actively recover and reparent herself from.

This was a book I listened to on Audible and truly didn't want to end. I loved her stories, humor, inspiration, and loving connection that she makes with her readers. It's not often that an author actually encourages you while telling a story about her life, but Tara Schuster (AKA T$) does it perfectly.

Life Will Be the Death of Me...and You Too

I have read all of Chelsey Handler's books. Truthfully, the one about all of her one-night-stands was my favorite. However, I kind of felt like I had grown out of her books and was actually disappointed when I saw her stand-up comedy act.

When I saw Life Will Be the Death of Me...and You Too at Target and read that it was about her diving into her therapy sessions I was intrigued. To have someone wealthy and famous realize that a lot of their success was attributed to privilege is pretty impressive. Even better for them to do the self-work and share the raw truth with the world. That was impressive to me and I honestly loved reading through what life events made Chelsey...Chelsey and getting an inside look into her self discovery.

You Are a Badass Every Day

Admittedly, I bought this book hoping for a little more Jen Sincero motivation because I loved You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money. However, You Are a Badass Every Day turned out to be broken down into bite-sized inspiration that you read once a day. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but it got my inspiration going first thing in the morning!

White Fragility

As if COVID wasn't enough, we needed to throw in some rioting and racism while we were at it. In all honesty, I didn't understand the Black Lives Matter movement before. I just thought the black people of the world were only distancing themselves from us with this movement. 

However, this time, I seemed to understand it in a whole new way. We might not be bad people, but we can still have racist beliefs engrained in us. That's why I tackled White Fragility. To better understand what I didn't know I didn't know about my white privilege.

Honestly, I wouldn't even call myself white. I never want to...but the truth is, that's where people would "categorize" me. This book spoke to me in a big way and being told from another white woman made it even harder to deny the truth of it all.

*Side note -- I did this one on Audible and wasn't a fan of the person reading. It sounded like a bad robot type voice to me. Which maybe was what they were going for...but made it extra embarrassing when my neighbors happened to overhear a robot voice talking to me about racism.


I had never heard of Glennon Doyle before and I'm kind of glad. This was definitely the book to introduce me to her. Untamed is a great book for any woman looking to step into her own greatness and power without apology.

Yes, she is a Christian blogger turned spiritually open feminist lesbian's all amazing if you are willing to embrace the loving knowledge that comes along with her stories. She talks about parenting, addiction recovery, divorce, falling in love with your same-sex, and listening intently to your inner voice. (Something I don't think enough of us are doing.)

The Science of Success

Ok, so this book is actually 3 in 1. Instead of talking about all of them individually, I will just summarize them here.

The Science of Being Rich discusses how to get rich...except not in the traditional way. We're not talking about investing, savings, or running your own business. Instead, it talks about self-growth, gratitude, and connecting with God in order to live a more prosperous life.

The Science of Being Well dives into our body and its health. To be honest, this one felt a little insane to me. Don't eat until noon and only eat once (or maybe twice) a day?! Ummmm... pass. However, it does offer some mind-shift changes like chewing your food more, eating for your region, and not worrying so much about proteins, greens, fats, and carbs (AMEN)!

The Science of Being Great I am just finishing this one and it's very similar to The Science of Being Rich as far as how to better live your life, but it really makes you re-think what greatness means exactly. We often think of great people as the titans of industry. Wealthy people. That kind of thing. This book talks more about people like Lincoln who was a truly great, Godly, loving human being who did amazing things with his time.


Super Attractor

I have always known who Gabby Bernstein was, but I have never read her books! Crazy. However, I think I started right where I was meant to with Super Attractor because she busted out her hippy new-age self a little more than in previous books (according to her).

This book is similar to The Science of Success books in talking about working with a higher power and your highest self to create miracles in your own life and in your work.

13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do

For me, this book was a friendly reminder of smart ways to stand up for myself and not be so quick to assume everything is about me.

I had been wanting to read some of the other books like this and figured I would start with 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don't Do

I liked hearing the specific stories of other women and how the author, Amy Morin helped each of them work through their struggles and to stand on their own two feet.

Big Magic

I am currently in the middle of Big Magic and am loving it. The book really dives into helping people bring out their inner creativity. The thing is, I think a lot of people would be quick to assume they are not creative, therefore this book is not for them. I would argue the opposite.

This book talks a lot about paying attention to the ideas we receive out of nowhere, creating just for ourselves and not being so uptight about it all. The type of "create" that is talked about in the book could span a wide range of things from inventing a mop to writing an award-winning screenplay.

To Hell With the Hustle

Alright, and finally...To Hell with the Hustle. I purchased this book because it sounded right up my ally being a minimalist. I strongly believe our culture pushes hustle on all of us and that most of the world is facing burn out. (Enter COVID). 

I struggle (as I mentioned earlier) with the pushy agenda of religion at times. While I loved the ideas behind this book, I didn't realize it would be so strongly centered around living a Jesus life. Now, I think Jesus was amazing. I think we all need to live more like him. I guess I just don't like feeling like I'm being told what to do or there will be eternal consequences. But, that's just me.

This book strongly reminds us to find value in family, not to obsess about work or money...but to just live a life aligned with love and faith.


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